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Getting a working holiday Visa for Australia is a great option for students to take when they leave college or university. It’s a great idea to take a gap year and do some travelling.  Need a Working Holiday visa? Click here for advice.

I look back and often wish I had taken the opportunity to take a gap year and travel around Australia. To apply for an Australian working holiday visa and explore life down under.

Of course you can take time out at any time to travel it does not have to be between leaving college and starting work.

You can travel around Australia and work for up to 12 months (max of six months with any one employer).

To participate in the Working Holiday Maker Program, you will need

  • to be aged between 18 and 30
  • to be from a country that has an arrangement for you to holiday in Australia
  • only work in casual employment whist you are there.

The Working Holiday Maker Program is for people looking to have a holiday and participate in incidental work to substitute their income. It is not for people looking to work as the main purpose of their trip. If your trip is to predominantly work then you should apply for a working visa.


Applications for a Working Holiday Visa are only issued to the person making the application. You can not bring family members with you on a Working Holiday Visa. Applications can be made on line or in a paper form.

You must leave Australia when your Visa ends.

However, if you wish to stay on in Australia you must apply for another type of Visa in order to stay.