Wine Tours in Perth

Perth is one of the few significant places in Australia that can boast its finest wineries virtually reachable in almost every city corner.

Because of its world-class wine-making industry, Perth has also become a top destination for wine enthusiasts who would like to have unforgettable wine tasting tours in the different top-class wineries located in the city. 

Interestingly, the wine tours itinerary has fun-filled activities, side tours, and culinary galore that will tantalize your taste buds and captivate your imagination.

Swan Valley 

The Swan Valley captivates wine fans just 25 minutes away from Perth through its vast arrays of tour packages. The Swan Valley is rich in history in terms of the city’s wine industry. It has the oldest vineyards in Western Australia. For a start, some of its vines are almost 200 years old! 

Holidaymakers and visitors can partake of its gorgeous wine, chocolates, cheeses, honey, gourmet lunch, and other mouth-watering food. They can indulge in the magnificent view of the Valley, too.

People can choose either a half or full-day tour at the Swan Valley. 

While tour packages differ in their items, they both offer the same incredible feeling. 

Bickley Valley Wine and Cider Tour

The Bickley Valley is a hidden gem in the city. Visitors can spend a delightful stay in this place while partaking in its premium wine and marvel at the glorious rolling hills. The rustic charm of the Bickley Valley brings families, friends, and lovers together.

Aside from its stunning scenery, the Bickley Valley is known for its fabulous lunch gourmet in between your wine tasting.

Bunches of grapes

Margaret River, Caves, Wine, and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Tour

The Margaret River, Caves, Wine, and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Tour is another exciting experience in Perth. Visitors can try these southwestern features highlights in a full day. Indulge in the majestic view of Busselton Jetty and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, where the Southern and Indian oceans find each other. You can marvel at the wildlife such as dolphins, rock parrots, sea lions while on a trail walk.

In between tours, visitors can splurge on a gourmet platter lunch and cider tasting. Spend an adventure at the Margaret River and visit the Mammoth Cave, a natural underground limestone cave located in the area. 

The place will also give you enough lessons on its rich history. The gorgeous region of Margaret River offers a wide selection of fine and vintage wines. 

Along the way, you can check the Bootleg Brewery for beer and cider samplings and another lunch. Founded in 1840, the Sandalford Winery offers a stunning selection of wines.

At the township of Margaret River, you can also enjoy finding the best bargains at the different shops. You can cap the day through dinner at a local resto or purchase a bottle of wine for you to share with your friends and loved ones at home. 

Perth River Cruise and Vineyard Experience

Pamper yourself with a River Cruise from Perth to the Valley while enjoying the wine samples, cheese, or tea. As you cruise along the Swan River, find time to listen to the interesting lectures or commentaries of the tour guide.

Upon reaching the vineyards, you can visit wine boutiques and indulge in a gourmet platter lunch and a glass of wine. You can also check the galleries at the famous Sittella Wines and Edgecombe Wines. To end the day, you can treat yourself with truffles or locally crafted chocolates at the Chocolate Company.

wine glass

What to remember during the wine tours

Whether you are tour alone, with a partner, in a group of friends, loved ones, or VIPs, you must remember some essential things before you arrive at the vineyards and start drinking glasses of wine.

Check your budget

Always set your budget to avoid overspending. You can check the wine tour packages during the pre-booking time.

Wear comfortable clothes

Choose the right clothes for the occasion. Wine tours are informal, so remember to dress accordingly. Pick comfortable clothes because you will find yourself walking up and down the vineyard. If you wear a white dress, think again of the red wine spills that are difficult to remove!

Ask questions

Ask more questions during the tour so you will enjoy the history of the wine on your glass. You can ask about the best temperatures of specific wines, the choice of grapes, selection of casks, flavor, differences in types of wines, the pressing process, and the wines they produced.

Hold the wine glass correctly

There is a need for you to hold the stem of the glass firmly. Before taking your first sip, you have to swirl the wine slowly because this will help increase the oxygen to breathe and enhance its flavor.

Drink water and wash your glass

Large quantities of wine can be a cause of dehydration. Thus, you have to drink enough water to avoid this. It would be best if you also washed your glass to prevent mixing flavors as you taste a wide selection of wine during the tour.