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Studying Australia
Especially for international students and travellers (working holiday makers, backpackers, globetrotters etc.) find, local content and information about studying, travelling, working and living in Australia. We partner with professionals in Educational Institutions, Travel Agencies, Publishers, Bookstores, Coaching Institutions etc

Leaving School
This website summarises the types of subjects, courses and various methods of assessing and reporting student achievement in each of the eight public education systems in Australia as well as in the New Zealand system.

It also describes the certificates and other records of achievement issued to students when they complete their senior secondary education and outlines the minimum requirements for tertiary entrance.

The information on this website will be useful for

• students who move interstate or to/from New Zealand

• people who advise secondary school students about future career choices and study options

• employers who receive job applications from students educated in another state or territory.

Study in Australia
The official Australian Government website for advice on study in Australia. Here you will find impartial and reliable information about courses, institutions, study and living costs, the application process, visa requirements and more.

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