Lotterywest Skyworks have been lighting up the skys of Perth on Australia Day for the last 21 years.

Australia Day is on 26th January Australia wide. It is when Australia celebrated the first European Settlement in Australia when in 1788 Captain Arthur Philip raised the flag and took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales becoming its first Governor.

The first official celebrations of this day took place on the 30th Anniversary in 1818. Back then the day was known as Foundation day but is better known today as Australia Day.

Australia Day is a Public Holiday throughout Australia and is a day for formal ceremonies and celebrations.

Please click here to visit the Official “Australia Day Website”

In Perth Australia Day is celebrated by a Skyworks display which has a grand countdown starting before Christmas.

Skyworks now in its 21st year and is a 30 minute breathtaking firework show over the City of Perth and the Swan River foreshore. It is A dazzling display of light and sound performed to a selection of popular Australian tracks. In 2005 a crown of 400,000 pleople made their way down to Kings Park and the Swan River foreshore for the days entertainment and the skyworks firework display.

Crowds start to make their way to Kings Park and the Perth South Foreshore early in the day to reserve their place for the evenings show.

Essentials for the day include picnic with plenty of water to hand, sunscreen and hat, chair, torch (all waved during the show) a radio that can be tuned in to Mix 94.5 (this delivers the music accompanying the fireworks), and of course not forgetting your Australia Day temporary tattoo.

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