Should You Consider Having a Cat as a Pet When Living in Perth?

Cats make excellent companions for people of all ages. If you are a pet lover wanting to bring a pet to Australia, your cat is an excellent choice. Introducing a new pet into your house is a joyous occasion. On top of that, many people buy a cat; you’ll have to pay for vet fees if your pet becomes unwell or harmed. This may be rather costly. Consider if pet insurance is good for you and factor it into your budget.

Make sure you include in all of the costs of maintaining a pet, including the long-term commitment and the financial component of providing excellent kitty care. And if you’re thinking about having Cats in Perth, Australia, you should consider your obligations. We’ll go over some key points of owning a pet in Perth.

  • Getting or adopting a pet
  • De-sexing, vaccines, and microchipping
  • Veterinary fees
  • Insurance for your pet
  • Consider necessary items for your pet.
  • Anti-flea, anti-tick, and anti-worming drugs
  • Registration with the city council
  • Food for pets
  • Additional services, such as grooming and training

So, if you’re aware of the fundamentals of keeping a pet, you need also consider working on what you can afford and considering certain aspects of owning a cat pet.

It’s All About the BreedGroup of various breeds of cats sitting next to each other looking at the camera isolated on a white background

Do some research on different breeds before acquiring a new pet. The personality and requirements of other species vary. One example is a  Cornish Rex cat breed; owning this playful, talkative, and people-oriented cat might be caught your attention to have.

Think about this scenario:

  • Grooming a species with long hair will be more expensive.
  • Some breeds are more prone to health issues, resulting in higher vet expenditures.

Think about where you live

  • A breed that gets agitated or requires a lot of activity may not be happy if you live in a tiny apartment or work long hours. It might also:
  • do harm to your property
  • You’ll have to pay extra in dog-sitting fees.
  • provoke a fight with your landlord or your next-door neighbors

Consider adopting a pet from a shelter

  • You can not only save an animal in need of a home, but you can also have it de-sexed, wormed, and vaccinated.
  • Getting a pet from a shelter is less expensive than getting one from a breeder or a pet store. 

You can be able to save money on local registration fees

  • Take care of your pet on a tight budget.
  • There are easy methods to keep your pet happy and healthy while lowering the cost of pet ownership.


  • Your pet’s happiness is dependent on regular exercise, healthy food, and dental care. 
  • It will also help you save money on vet costs.


  • If you could not bring your pet, ask a friend to house-sit for you. It is less expensive and provides a more pleasant environment for your pet.


The Cat Local Law is the most important thing to consider having a ca pet in Australia. When it comes to the management and control of cats, each community has various needs and preferences. This guideline was created as an alternative to a Model Cat Local Law to help local governments build a Cat Local Law tailored to their specific needs. This will allow local governments to handle their individual needs while also considering their financial resources.

A local authority must evaluate the aspects of cat control it wants to regulate and establish a local ordinance only if:

  • That subject is not already covered by the Act, Cat Regulations 2012, Cat (Uniform Local Provisions) Regulations 2013, or any other written legislation; and
  • There appears to be a considerable need for greater regulation in such a sector.
  • The community may suggest that specific areas of cat control be addressed as part of the integrated planning process. It’s, therefore, a matter of determining whether or not you require cat control and, if so, what type of cat control you require.

The Act and Cat Regulations 2012 may be adequate for certain local governments to regulate cats without the requirement for a local ordinance. Others may discover that supplemental legislation requires focused information campaigns and policies in specific locations.

What does the legislation provide?

  • Registration
  • Microchipping
  • Sterilization
  • Change of ownership
  • Management of cats
  • Enforcement

The Above mentions are the essentials you need to consider having a cat pet in Australia. If you are going to be more updated, you may also visit their pages to avoid problems.

Final Thoughts

Owning a cat when living in Perth depends on your preferences. While cats are adorable and affectionate, you need to weigh some factors before you consider owning one. Taking care of a cat in Perth might be as easy as it seems, and you need to be ready to face various challenges. 

Some of the key points you need to bear in mind are your cat’s vaccination, microchipping, insurance, registration, food, and other service fees to ensure your pet’s well-being. If you are fully aware of these factors and willing to take the challenge, you are qualified to have a cat in Perth!