CAR BOOT If you check your local paper you will find a car boot happening on most weekends over the summer. You will pay a small fee, usually between £5 and £10 per vehicle to take into the car boot. It’s always a good idea to have an idea what you would like to charge for everything before you go and even mark up items with a price. Try to take a table with you when you go (an old paste table should do the trick) it will give you something to display your smaller items on. Anything big can go on the ground and under the table.

SELLING ON EBAY This is a very popular method for selling any unwanted items and you can sell anything on ebay. Yes you could even sell your car. Selling items on ebay is easy. It’s free to Register and for a small listing fee (between 0.15 & £2) you can advertise your item and even add a picture. You enter a reserve price and the auction will begin. Once the auction has ended and you have a buyer you then pay a final value fee which can be between 5.25% and 1.75% depending on the final selling price. If you don’t get any succsful bids then you just pay the listing fee. If you do decide to sell you car on Ebay, and many people do the listing price is a little higher. If you would like further details on selling on Ebay click this link or you can Register on!Register with ebay here

GARAGE SALE You will find when you arrive that Garage Sales are very popular in Western Australia. In fact if you have a husband anything like mine you will sell all your own junk before you leave the UK and buy somebody elses once you arrive in Western Australia. Anyway a good way of selling all your bigger stuff is to have a Garage Sale, that way everyone comes to you. Don’t worry if you dont have a garage you can always set up a stall in your back garden or perhaps use a spare room.

CLASSIFIEDS The local paper is another way to sell things on and you will find most local papers will let you advertise for free if what you are selling is under a certain vaue. I kn ow it always seems like a lot of effort to do stuff like this but you will be amazed at how the ££ wil add up.