Live in Australia on a Retirement Visa


A retirement visa will offer you four years of temporary residency in Australia..

As a temporary resident of Australia you will not be entitled to social security or welfare benefits and will be required to take out adequate health insurance to cover your stay in Australia.

Should you wish to apply for a Retirement Visas you will need to meet the following visa criteria:-

1) Be 55 or over and have no dependants other than a spouse or a de facto spouse. Your spouse or defacto spouse can be under 55 years of age.

2) Not be employed in Australia for more than 20 hours per week.

3) Meet health, character, public interest and special return criteria.

4) Meet certain financial criteria, such as having assets available for transfer to Australia to the net value of AUS$750,000 if settling in a non-regional area.or AUS$500,000 if settling in a regional area

Capital and income of both partners will be taken into account in applications from married or de facto couples.

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