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The Perth Suburb Darch (Darch is situated 18Km North of Perth City) was formed four years ago when Lansdale (a rural suburb made up of market gardens, horse properties and chicken farms) was subdivided.

The Suburb Darch was named after one of the early pioneers of Wannaroo who settled in the area in 1860. The local council for Darch is the City or Waneroo.

The Perth Suburb has various land estates and huge growth in the area is visible in both the development of property and the value of the property.

As it typical with a new suburb in the early days when there is little infrastructure the cost of dirt (blocks of land) is less. As the area developes and the population, shops, schools, and other facilities are introduced the cost of the dirt and property increases.

The Darch Suburb is slowly building it’s infrastructure. Greenwood railway station (a short drive away) opened in February 2005 with links into Perth. Kindergarten and pre-primary schools opened in February 2004 and now in February 2005 we see the opening of the primary school. There are plans for a high school too.

Darch will be a suburb where walking to everything will be possible.

We looked at buying a property in Darch when we arrived in Perth but later settled on Woodvale because it was an established suburb that was closer to the rail links with Perth. Darch was still in its infancy and there was very few houses built at the time. In Nov 2003 we would have been looking to pay about $250,000 for a 4×2 property which would fetch about $350,000 today. Accommodation in Darch is mainly 3 and 4 bedroomed homes on blocks averaging 550sq m to 700 sq m. At at June 2004 REIWA reported the average house price at $329,000.00

Darch is the only remaining land development with plots under $200,000 close to the beach and only 18Km from Perth. Stockland is one of the biggest developers in the area with its Ashdale Gardens Project. Initially with 800 lots there are still a few remaining.

Please click this link to visit the Ashdale Garden website.
Sports and recreation attractions close to Darch include Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Maranagaroo Golf Course and the Kingsway International Sports Stadium and other than the neighborhood shopping that is planned with the estate Kingsway, Mirrabooka, and Warwick are close by.

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