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Helping You to Settle in Perth

There are a lot of Perth Real Estate Agents looking after the Suburbs of Perth, some more helpful than others. The BEST agents will make searching for your Australian home a pleasure. It should be an easy and stress free experience.

If as a buyer you choose to let a Perth Estate Agent do the searching for you, there is a few things you need to understand.

  • Perth Real Estate Agents work on a commission basis – this means if they don’t get a sale they don’t earn any money.
    No one can afford to work for Free
  • Real Estate Agents earns commission on the homes they are selling and on the homes other agents are selling, (if they introduce the buyer to the property.)

It is for the latter reason that a Real Estate Agents in Perth can be such a good resource when you are looking to purchase your first Australian home.

They want to help you find your dream home and secure a sale for you.

It is the commission on the sale they will receive that covers their costs of looking after you.

If you are taking advantage of a real estate agent then as a buyer you need to allow them to do the searching for you. ONLY go and look at a property if your Real Estate Agent has introduced you.

If you don’t and you buy the property then the agent will not get a share of the commission.


Before you begin your search you will first need to draw a short list up of what you do want and don’t want in your new home. This will give your agent somewhere to start when they are organising the homes to take you to see.

FOR EXAMPLE There is no point them taking you to see a home with no swimming pool if that is something you definitely want and are not prepared to consider putting one in yourself.


Although Perth Real Estate Agents may sell a home in any suburb if asked, you will find that most agents generally have a knowledge of specific suburb areas in Perth. Often the suburb and surrounding area in which they live.

Then take the time to walk round one of their home opens, speak to them and see if you feel they would be a good person to work with.


Once you find the house for sale that you want to make your home, then your Real Estate Agent will be able to guide you through the The purchasing process it is the Real Estate Agent who will write your offer out for you.

BE AWARE Not all Real Estate Agents are buyer friendly. There are some rouges out there, so understand the process you go through when buying a house in Perth become familiar with the Contract of Sale.

FOR EXAMPLE do not let a Real Estate Agent put your offer as a cash purchase (even if you already have a pre-approval) or purchase without a termite inspection.

When you put an offer on a house in Western Australia, you enter into a Contract of Sale. Should the seller accept the offer you put forward then the Contract forms the sale agreement.  It is a legal document an offers need to be serious.

This is important to remember or else you may find yourself buying a home you don’t want.


In Perth A Real Estate Agent is appointed as the agent to sell a particular property. However, they can work with other Perth Real Estate Agents who may have a prospective buyer for the property they are selling.

SO if a Real Estate Agent shows a prospective buyer around another agents listing and the buyer they introduce purchases the property, the introducing agent gets a share of the commission. That’s how agents can afford to spend time with you.

THIS MEANS that if you commit to an agent finding suitable properties for you and showing you round it is courtesy not to speak to other agents or go looking round homes on your own.

The advantage is that when you use an exert Real Estate Agents to help you find your Australian home they will not limit the homes they show you to the ones they have listed.

They will benefit from the sale of another Real Estate Agents property if they introduce the buyers.