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One thing we both love about living in Perth is how close we live to some great Perth Beaches.

There are so many fabulous beaches that I would struggle to name the best Perth beach.

I will start by picking a handful of my favorite Perth beaches to share with you. All special for different reasons.

As the weeks and months go by I will visit more and more beaches and share photos, descriptions and experience with you.

So we could be surfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, having a beach picnic, scuba diving, walking the dog, or just watching the sun set over the Ocean.


Mettams Pool is part of the Marmion Marine Park. Marmion lies between Trigg Island and Burns Beach and was the State’s first marine park, declared on 13 May 1987.

Mettams Pool is an ideal family spot which is just brill for the first time snorkeler, with the small and sandy beaches and clear shallow pool less than two meters deep.

It is a favorite of ours as we can often find a quiet little cove we can have to ourselves if we want to catch some sun between a spot of snorkeling.

windsurfin at a Perth beach

In Perth, the wind generally picks up in the afternoon (it’s called the Fremantle Dr).

In fact, if you didn’t already know Perth is known as the 2nd Windy City.   This is great if you are into Windsurfing.

As you can see from the picture Mettams Pool can get very busy with windsurfers in the late afternoon.

We will sometimes go down there for a paddle and to watch the windsurfers jump a few waves.


Hillarys Boat Harbour not only has a great beach to bring the children it also offers plenty of family entertainment, small kids funfair, shopping and food making for a greeat day out.

Underwater World with its walk through aquarium is a popular attraction where you can scuba dive in the tank and feed the fish. Ferries also leave from Hillarys for Rottnest Island.



Drive North up the coast of Western Australia (50km from Perth)to Yanchep and the Perth beaches are not as busy.

The beaches around Yanchep are typically very long, very white and mostly undeveloped.

We like the Cafe we found opposite Yanchep Lagoon you can get some great burgers which is great when you have just got out the surf :o).


This is one of the Yanchep beaches we like to come to.

We like to surf and because we are just learners we find the waves a lot calmer and the beach is quiet. It is a great spot for a day out. We surf in the morning and then when the wind gets up in the afternoon it is brill for flying kites.


Margarate River is another great place to surf. Its about a 3 hour drive form Perth though so we have to save it for the long weekends.

Margaret River is a favorite place for us to take friends & family who visit us in Perth.


Cottesloe Beach One of the more famous Australian Beaches in Perth.

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