The Perth Australia Hotels Directory shows you every Perth hotel, suburb-by-suburb. Here’s how to use it…

Let’s say you’re curious about Scarborough.

Just click on the Scarborough link at the bottom of this page to go to a complete listing of Perth Australia hotels for that suburb.

From here, it’s three simple steps to find your perfect hotel…

STEP 1) Click on the link at the top of that page to see the information about that suburb. If it’s the location for you then scroll down to see the list of accommodations on that suburb.

STEP 2) Review the list of hotels. Find the one(s) that fit your needs according to…

Price range (per night)

$ = $100 and less
$$ = $100 – $200
$$$ = $200 – $500
$$$$ = $500 – $700
$$$$$ = $700+

Size The listing tells you how many rooms each hotel offers.

Location Is it close the beach? Is it handy for public transport? Is it far to local shops & entertainment?

Description A brief thumbnail of the hotel.

STEP 3) Got it narrowed down to one or two top favorites? Great! Use the final link in each hotel listing to read detailed reviews by others who have actually stayed there! The real deal, actual experiences!

You can’t go wrong with this simple 3-step process. Perth Australia hotels vary from the sensational “Hollywood-star expensive”… To the actually affordable… This directory helps you find your perfect choice, at your preferred location, at a price right for you, and reviewed by others to be sure you’ll have a great stay. I hope you find it useful…

OK, let’s get started. Click any suburb below…


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