Perth Rental Property in Butler


PERTH RENTAL BUTLER This Perth Rental is in Butler and only a 5 minute drive from the beach. You will find this Perth rental accommodation a perfect home from home in the Perth Northern Suburb recently voted Austrlia’s most successful. Whether you are starting your new life in Australia, on a fact-finding … Read more

The Perth Suburb of Joondalup


THE PERTH SUBURB OF JOONDALUP The Perth suburb of Joondalup is named after Lake Joondalup. The Lake is situated on the eastern side of the suburb. Joondalup is an Aboriginal word first recorded in 1837, and possibly means “place of whiteness or glistening”. Another account states that a ‘joondal’ is a creature … Read more



Perth-Hotels-Como Name: Broadwater Pagoda Resort Hotel Price: $$$ Size: Large Location: Across the street from the beach. Description: Rendezvous Observation City Hotel is a Beachfront Hotel & Convention Center in a 17-story building, located right in the heart of Scarborough. The hotel is on the main road, and backs onto the Ocean … Read more

Government Australia


Home: Perth Facts: Government in Perth: GOVERNMENT AUSTRALIA We have a federal government Australia. A Federal government is a system of government with two levels sharing governing responsibility. The responsibility is shared between a single national authority and several state (or regional) authorities. We have the federal parliament in Canberra, which overseas … Read more

Life in Perth, Issue # 11


Back to Back Issues Page Life in Perth, Issue # 11 June 03, 2006   BRINGING YOU THE BEST FROM LIFE IN PERTH Life in Perth News brings you the latest news on Immigrating to Australia and Life in Perth If you like this e-zine, please do a friend a big favour … Read more

Autralian Spiders


  Australian Spiders In the UK we don’t get dangerous spiders (well unless they are in a zoo or perhaps being kept as pets) but in Australia it is different. The pictures below where taken in my back garden in Perth, Western Australia.   Common Huntsman Spider   Huntsman spiders are large, … Read more