Red Back got me!


Home Red Back got me! by Gareth Cocklin (Perth) Another 1st Australian experience 🙂 It was a lovely spring day, the grass was looking a bit long and it had not rained for a few days, as I had been away driving trucks for the last week, I jump at the chance … Read more

Sydney Funnel Web


Home Sydney Funnel Web by Nikko (Sydney, NSW Australia) Not in Western Australia but Sydney, the locality of one of the worlds most deadly spider, the Sydney Funnel web,this arvo I was sitting in my garden when I felt a tickle on my leg and when I looked down, guess what was … Read more

Perth is Great :)

Home Perth is Great 🙂 we moved here from zimbabwe 5 years ago and i have to say i love perth! its soooo safe and beutiful, the swan river is gorgeous and the beaches are so clean and calm. i love being able to go across to rotto or down to margaret … Read more

Short Let Property Details


  SHORT LET PROPERTY DETAILS Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.   Property Name* Property Name*   Contact Name* Contact Name*   Your Email* Your Email*   Repeat your Email* Repeat your Email*   Suburb* Suburb*   Street Address* Street Address*   Contact Telephone* Contact … Read more

Student Visa


Home: Student Visa STUDENT VISA Before applying for a Student Visa you first need to be accepted for full-time study in Australia.   The course needs to be a registered course or part of a registered course. A registered course is an education or training course offered by an Australian education provider … Read more

Local News Perth & WA


  About Perth News & Information Immigrate Perth Home : Perth News Home : Category Index : Local News Perth & WA   Local News Perth & WA   Read all about the local news and gossip in Perth and Western Australia. Are you looking for cheap flights from Perth? Check out … Read more

Stainlessteel TIG Welder


Home Stainlessteel TIG Welder by Perez Patrick (Fance Cognac) Ive been working for several years in the cognac industry and i would like to live in perth. The world crisis hasn’t touched our jobs and our skills are very usefull here in France but I guess that the climate and life is … Read more

Skilled Visa


Home: Tier2 current page THE AUSTRALIAN SKILLED VISA General Skilled Migration Programme Earlier this year the Australian Government made changes to the intake of skilled migrants for the 09/10 program, slashing the number of skilled migrant intake down to 108,100. Need a Skilled visa? Click here for advice. The General Skilled Migration … Read more


Home: Move to Perth You Have the Visa – What’s Next? Helping you to Settle in Perth How about the packing, the shippers; the first few hours and days in Western Australia; your initial accommodation; schools; houses; the dog; cars; mobiles/cell phones; and the many other aspects of your life. DO NOT … Read more