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Helping you to Settle in Perth

Your on the move to Perth so you need to get organised.

I found our international relocation the easiest move I ever made. Guess it’s because you can only do so much yourself and have to put your trust in a professional removal company.

I have listed below stuff you will need to be thinking about when you make your move to Perth. From

  • booking the shipping company
  • your flights and
  • what you should and should not be packing

Of course it is all down to you what you want to take with you (as long as customs wont swipe it away). Once all that is done you just need to make a final check that you haven’t forgotten to do anything before you make your move to Perth.


If you have a place of your own in the UK (or any other place in the world) then the chances are you will have a little more than the 25Kg per person the airlines restrict you too when you move to Perth. You will need to consider the options available to you to move your belongings Australia


Do we take everything we own or leave most of it behind? Does it stay or does it go? At the end of the day its down to preference. If it’s allowed past customs and if you want to take it then take it.


Be careful when you select your removal Company you want to be sure your belongings arrive when you want them to. We used John Mason to move our things over to Perth and we found them an excellent service.

We only used up part of a container as we only had a 2 bedroomed flat. If you have paid for a full container then expect the container to be delivered direct to your home, it is packed by the removal Company just the same. The difference is when the container is collected it will go directly to the port to be shipped. The bonus here is that it should arrive at the destination much quicker


Shipping time could be much quicker but be prepared to have to wait for your possessions to arrive in Australia. If they get there earlier and you are not ready for them then storage should not be expensive and if you are lucky like us and catch the shipment before it is put into Perth storage you can take a few pieces out with out any extra charge.

If there are some possessions & documents you just can’t do without. You may want to airfreight them but it is expensive so you want to limit your air freight requirements. In fact send everything by sea freight if you can, taking smaller items as baggage when you get your one way flight to move to Perth.


When the shippers arrive to pack your stuff away for the big move to Perth, they are usually a team of two or more and they work very quickly. (They packed our 2 bed roomed flat in a day). You will not have time to sort, organise, or decide if you want to ship an item or not once the team has arrived. Be organised and clear out any items you don’t want to keep ot to be packed beforehand(you don’t want them accidentally packed. Be warned they will pack everything unless you are very clear in telling them what not to pack. Clear all garbage and rubbish from the house. You will not be able to do this once the movers arrive. And yes, trash has been packed and shipped or stored!

Although the movers will make a list as they box items, their list will be extremely vague and not include an estimated value. Make your checklist BEFORE the movers arrive. The shippers will tell you of any items not allowed, i.e., guns, ammunition, fuel tanks, matches, and so forth.


The time of year you want to fly will to Perth will determine the cost and the amount of time you need to allow before you book your ticket. You can book your flight online or with a local travel agent.

Be sure to check with your airline what the baggage allowance is. Some carriers allow you to take additional baggage allowance if you are emigrating PLEASE CHECK and check if any additional baggage allowance is covered if you have a stop over..

NB: We thought we could but when we went to book our flight found we were wrong. It would have cost us an additional £800 to take our extra suitcase (lucky for us our belongings had only been packed the day before so we added it to the sea freight.


Generally in Australia rented accommodation is unfurnished and available for a minimum period of 6 months.
When you move to Perth you you may find that staying in a furnished property for the first month will relieve some of the stress.

Although more expensive than an unfurnished rental you would have all the comforts of home without having to go and buy anything. It will also give you a chance to make sure you are happy with the area.

If you check out the holiday accommodation section on you will find a selection of furnished rentals.


I would recommend booking car hire to cover your the first two weeks of your move to Western Australia. This should give you the time to shop round and buy your own car.