Margaret River erth Australia


Margaret River is in the South West region of Western Australia.

It is one of our favorite destinations to take friends and family who come to visit


even if we just want to get away for a long weekend.

We spent a long weekend down in the South West of Western Australia when friends Viv and Jo came to visit.

While we where there we went on a Canoe Tour of the River

It was great fun and we even managed not to fall in.

The tour started mid morning and we canoed our way up the river stopping to hear about the Bussells along the way.

We stopped for a bit of a hike where we saw some splendid views

met some very big looking king ants (I would not like to get some of those in my pants)

and saw some bees nests…..

Then is was time for a spot of bushtuker for lunch.

Well after all the canoing and walking we were all ready for a rest so it was time to chill out on the beach for a while.

The on the way back to the accommodation we called into the town of Margaret River for a coffee.

Then back to the digs for a kip, shower and change and dinner out at a Winery.

We chose to eat at The Grove winery where we enjoyed a lovely meal

followed by an after dinner game of hang man.

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