Life in Perth, Issue # 002 — No Going Back

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Life in Perth, Issue # 002 — No Going Back
February 06, 2005


Life in Perth News brings you the latest news on Immigrating to Australia and Our New Life in Perth

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Life in Perth

Issue #2, February 2005

Well I am starting my February E-Zine off with some exciting news for all you Brits that are migrating over to Australia in the Spring of 2005

Channel 4 will be running their 5th series of No Going Back and are looking for British families who are starting new lives in Australia, with big ambitious plans for the future.

Is this YOU or anyone you know?

Please click here if you would like to submit an application or would just like further details

Apart from talking to Channel 4 I have also been busy creating a heap of new pages & updates especially for you.

#1)Australia Immigration Experience
This issue of Life In Perth sees the first in a series of Immigration to Australia Experiences. We kick off with the immigration story of Vanessa, Paul and the Girls. They migrated to Perth in October 2003 on a Temporary Sponsored Visa and 16 months later are celebrating being permanent residents for the last 6 months. click here to read more about their migration and first year in Oz

Each month I will be talking to new migrants and bringing you their migration experience. If you have a story to share please use this link and drop me a line. It would be great to do a feature each issue on someone new so do get in touch.

#2) Australia Day
A Public Holiday Australia wide with big celebrations. What is it, When is it and What generally happens?
Please click here to visit the “Skyworks Australia Day” page.

#3) Short term holiday rentals
A BIG question asked by lots of migrants just about to fly out to Australia is where will I stay until I find a home and have my furniture? This month sees the introduction of Holiday Rentals in Perth, complete with all the comforts of home. A Holiday Rental in Perth is an ideal starting point for your first few weeks in Perth while you find your feet and decide on your most favoured suburb.
Please click here to visit the “Holiday Rentals in Perth” page.

#4) The Northern Perth Suburb of Edgewater
Another suburb with pictures and a little suburb information.
Please click here to visit the “Perth Northern Suburb of Edgewater” page.

#5) Australian Currency Exchange:-
Updated – Changing your £ into $.
Please click here to visit the “Australian Currency Exchange” page.

#6) Australian Tax File Number Update
More information on the Australian Tax File number, how much tax you pay etc….
Click here to visit the “Australian Tax File Number” page.

#7) Webcams in Perth and its beaches
Please click here to visit “Perth Webcams” page.

Well that’s all folks for the February edition of Life in Perth.

I look forward to you joining me in March when I will be bringing courtesy of Austasia the first in a series of essential financial information starting with Moving your UK pension to Oz and of course I will be telling you more exciting stuff about Life in Perth. 🙂 Take care until then. S&G 🙂 xxxx

Please click here to visit Immigrate to a New Life in Perth Home Page….


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