Life in Perth, Issue #001 — Happy New Year

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Life in Perth, Issue #001 — Happy New Year
January 06, 2005

Life in Perth, Issue #001
An Immigration Resource List is Launched

Life In Perth, January 2005



Life in Perth News brings you the latest news on Immigrating to Australia and Our New Life in Perth

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Life in Perth

I would like to start our 1st E-Zine from Life In Perth by wishing all our subscribers a Happy New Year , may 2005 bring you good health, happiness, an Australian Visa and anything else you may have wished for. 🙂

AND next a BIG THANKYOU to Ken Envoy and because without SBI this website would never have got off the ground.

I just didn’t believe building your own website could be so easy. For starter you get given a heap of tools to make your site look just brill and an Action Guide to tell you how to start making all those $$$$$.

The tools are just great its so easy to build a web page, look at the traffic you are getting and where it is coming from, and heaps more stuff, it is so exciting!!

I am driving Gareth mad as I constantly go running round the house telling him how our visitors keep doubling in numbers or how many $$ we made today. 🙂

It’s just so great I want to share SBI with everyone.

If you want to learn how a total novice has built her own website while working full time for less than £5 per week then then check this link to see the SBI Quick Tour Slide Show

2004 was our second Christmas in Perth and it was a hot one with temperatures into the high 30’s. Great weather for the beach, which is where a lot of Australians spent the day (us included).

It’s been a great Christmas and New Year with lots of contact with the folk back in the UK, especially now I have told them all about calls for 2p per min with e-swift there calling me all the time.

HOWEVER I am not sure I like this 8 hours time difference bit……….

On New Years Eve…….we call the UK at midnight in Perth when its only 4pm in the UK but when they return the favour its 8am here and we are still sleeping in after the party the night before.

Oh well I guess it’s a small mercy for such a brilliant lifestyle. 🙂

But – onward and upward, whats to come over the next 12 months in Life in Perth.

As the year goes by I will be sharing with you some of the stuff that we get up to in our new life in Perth, give you an idea of what life over here is really like.

We are having a kite surfing lesson at the weekend and will be having a new home built so there will be plenty happening. Tune in & I will bring you some pics and an update hot of the press.

We will also be sharing some immigration stories with you so you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth as they say.

What a great way to learn about making the move over to Perth, Australia than from the folk who are already here, been there and done it?

I am no migration expert, you will need to talk to the professionals on that one but I can share information with you based on our experiences and bring experiences from others who have immigrated to live in Perth.

If you have a story to share please use this link and drop me a line. It would be great to do a feature each issue on someone new so do get in touch.

Coming in the next issue of Life in Perth will be the immigration experience of our Neighbours Vanessa, Paul, Emma and Chloe, they moved over on a Temporary Visa about the same time as we did.

As we make our way through the year look out for further features to help you with your immigration to Australia covering areas such as

• moving your UK pension to Australia,
• obtaining an Australia mortgage while you are still in the UK,
• Building a new home
• and more……..


But for now just to keep you up to date with the major addition to the site over the last month.

1 ) Australian Immigration Resource:- Your quick reference to all those contacts you need to know.

Yes I have been very busy surfing the internet to find you all those important contact details and you will find the beginning of what is a growing list of resources by visiting …..

The Australian Immigration Resource

Well that’s all folks for the January edition of Life in Perth.

I look forward to you joining me in February when I will be telling you all about Australia Day. 🙂 Take care until then. S&G 🙂 xxxx



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