How to Plan for Immigration to Perth

Are you planning to migrate to Australia? Perth is one of the best places to consider; it is the fourth-largest city in Australia and one of the world’s most livable cities. It is the capital and the largest city in Western Australia (WA). Known for its wonderfully soft-sand beaches, scenic parks, friendly bars, and creative restaurants, starting a new life in Perth sure sounds perfect.

However, before jumping on a new journey, there are some essential things you need to prepare, though. Here’s what you need to know when planning to immigrate to Australia.

1. Apply For an Australian Visa

Australia Visa application form

First of all, you have to find the proper visa. There are various visa options available for Australia.

If you have a potential employer or have secured a job, ask your company or boss to nominate you for a work visa. There are over 20 work-related visas available, and identifying the right one for you is vital.

You can also check out Australia’s general skilled migration program. The skilled occupation list is available on the Department of Immigration’s website; you can visit the site to see if you qualify for one of these visas. 

Having a family in Australia can give you additional visa options. Australia is likewise open to those who want to spend time in Australia for training or advanced study. All these have their visa categories, but they come with limitations around employment and what you can do after your study is complete.

2. Get Help From Migration Agents

When planning to move to a new country, the first thing to do is seek help from migration agents. Moving to a different country can be overwhelming, especially amid a pandemic, since requirements constantly change.

Migration agents are always up to date on the latest requirements to immigrate to Australia. They can provide you with the best advice for your situation and needs. Since they are experts on the matter,  you will have fewer burdens and delays because they can guide you through visa applications and an international move. Although they can’t speed up your visa application process or guarantee approval, they will make the process much easier.

If, by bad luck, you receive bad news that your visa application has been refused or canceled, don’t worry because you can ask immigration lawyers in Perth to help you appeal your application.

Immigration lawyers can help you understand migration law, what you’ll need to get your visa approved and make the process run smoothly.

3. Look for a Job

If you plan to stay in Australia for an extended period, you must get a job so the Australian government will have a good reason to let you stay in the country longer.

The best way to find one is to look at the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List of Australia. It is where you can find the list of occupations open in Australia for chefs, engineers, health care professionals, IT specialists, social workers, and more. New occupations are added regularly, so you can check the list every month until you find the best match for you. Australia accepts people with these jobs even when travel restrictions are in place.

Usually, a person must be under 45 years of age to get work visas to Australia, but people who get a job from the Skilled Occupation List, are given an age limit exemption.

4. Get a Health Insurance

It’s required for people moving to Australia on working and student visas to get private health insurance. Australia’s public healthcare system is excellent and receives government funding; however, it focuses on Australian citizens and permanent residents. You may not be qualified if you are there as an ex-pat or on a work visa.

5. Hire an International Moving Company

Hiring an international moving company can be a huge timesaver when moving your favorite belongings abroad.

There are many companies to choose from, and the cost also varies depending on the service you need. Once you have chosen a moving company, get price estimates and choose the best one for your situation.

The moving company can do all the moving preparations for you, including secure packing, insurance, and tracking of your belongings so you can have peace of mind and focus on other things like looking for a place to live.

6. Find a Home in Perth

Elizabeth Quay Bridge sunset

Okay, so you have secured employment and applied for your visa. The next thing to plan about is the home where you will be living when you immigrate to Perth. However, finding and affording a home in Australia can be very challenging.

The cost of living in Perth is higher than in most other countries. Being one of the biggest cities, you can expect to spend more. Review rents and real estate prices online to get the most reasonable price. Unlike most other house rentals, rents in Australia are usually paid weekly. 

If you cannot find a perfect home before moving, you can stay in a homestay or AirBnB near the area where you will be working until you finally find a place to rent or buy.

7. Adapt Australian Culture

a man with a shoes and travel bag is standing on asphalt next to flag of Australia and border

Leaving home and moving to a different country can be stressful no matter how you plan and prepare for it. Some people experience. But it is normal; if you already speak the English language and are familiar with Western Culture, you should be able to adjust quickly. 

Many Australians love the outdoors; they enjoy going to the beach, sailing, hiking, and camping. Some prefer city life.

Once you’ve settled in, try exploring the city and find the activities you love, and soon you’ll be able to make friends and enjoy your stay even more.

Australians are very friendly, chatty, and approachable people. If you want to talk to the person sitting across your table in a cafe, the chances are that he will approach you before you do. Talking to the barista while she takes your order is common in Australia.

Good luck with your new adventure!