Guide to the Beaches of Perth

Perth is almost disproportionately endowed with magnificent shores. Transparent blue water with remarkable visibility meets a seemingly endless expanse of sugary sand. The city has ideal beach-going weather and a willing population, so take your towel and join the locals at these outstanding beaches.

There is an 80-kilometer stretch of pristine coastline on either side of the city, with white sand and turquoise waters in abundance. You won’t regret visiting any of Perth’s beaches for a swim, snorkel, or surf. If you are searching for a recommendation, we have narrowed down the options.

1. Scarborough Beach 

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach, one of the most iconic stretches of sand in Western Australia, is a popular ocean sanctuary bordered by a high-rise cityscape. The beach is lined with shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and surf shops, making it a prime destination for swimmers who prefer secure, protected conditions. In the water, Scarborough is endowed with a crystal-clear, blue sea, white sand, and endless sunshine.

2. City Beach 

Another urbanized beachfront, City Beach is a popular destination due to its prime location. In the heart of Perth’s northern districts, this beach is frequented by surfers, walkers, families, and all sorts of other beachgoers. Numerous shady grassy areas make it a popular location for sunset outings. In addition, there is a pleasant boardwalk, a colossal new surf lifesaving club, and numerous restaurants for the famished.

3. Cottesloe Beach 

Cottesloe shoreline could be considered Perth’s postcard shoreline. With its powdery white sand and clear aquamarine water, it captivates without effort. Cottesloe, which is a 20-minute drive from the city center, is at its best in the morning before the weather picks up around 10:30am. Numerous cafés and restaurants vie for attention along the Marine Parade, which runs parallel to the coast. You’ll adore The Cottesloe Beach Hotel’s summery atmosphere and white décor with vibrant color accents.


4. Leighton Beach

Leighton Beach has a decidedly tropical atmosphere. Bring your sunglasses, as the beach’s powdery white sand is blindingly bright and turns the shallow water a light hue of azure. The beach is patrolled and the waves tend to remain small, making it ideal for young swimmers. Locals typically bring sun coverings, umbrellas, sunscreen, and towels, and set up for the day. Others will shake the sand off their feet and pause at the nearby Bib & Tucker for a delicious meal with a view of the coastline.

5. Bathers Beach 

Bathers Beach is the first urban beach in Australia to receive a liquor license, so anticipate a lively atmosphere in front of Bathers Beach House. The restaurant, which features a café-style deck and sun umbrellas, places deckchairs on the dunes and serves drinks. Despite being located in the center of Fremantle, the 300-meter-long beach has a secluded atmosphere. Given that Bathers Beach is situated between the Fishing Boat Harbour and the Round House, a prison from the 1830s, you could spend the entire day investigating this historic area.

6. Coogee Beach

North Coogee Beach

Continue south past Fremantle to reach the immaculate sands of Coogee Beach in Cockburn. With a just-right-sized jetty for jumping off (or fishing), a vast grassy area for picnics, a shipwreck to snorkel over, and set against the gothic backdrop of the abandoned Freo power station, it is an often-overlooked southern gem along our magnificent coastline. 

7. Mettams Pool

Mettams, one of the many great stops along the northern beaches segment of the West Coast Highway, is ideal for snorkelers and also offers some shelter if the wind arrives early. With so many cafes along that beautiful stretch of coastline, why not put on your sneakers and go for a stroll to discover a secluded reef cove all to yourself?

8. Port Beach

Port Beach is one of the few beaches in Perth where you can seek refuge when the south-westerlies are blowing, and it also produces a few fun waves when the swell rises. Port may not be as picturesque as some of Perth’s more renowned expanses of sand, but if you’re looking for some peace and quiet out of the wind (or perhaps a spot of salmon fishing if the fish are running), stop by.

9. Trigg

If the swell is up, virtually every surfer in Perth will be at Trigg to catch a wave when the swell is up. Thankfully, it is a long enough stretch of sand that you can typically find some solitude along the way.

10. Swanbourne Beach


Swanbourne Beach is divisible into two sections. The family-friendly southern beach is just as beautiful as the beach to the south, Cottesloe, and is ideal for meandering, sunbathing, and swimming. The northern area is clothing optional. Swanbourne Nude Beach is ‘officially’ one of few nudist beaches in Perth. The beach is obscured by dunes and requires a 300-meter walk from the parking lot to access, so it is not open to the public. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the sign for attire optional.

11. South Beach

South Beach is always tranquil due to its barrier reef and Carnac and Garden Islands, which serve as a breakwater. It is renowned with both locals and tourists. South Beach, which is shaded by ancient coastal trees and pines, expansive grassland areas, children’s playgrounds, barbecues, and wooden gazebos, is a popular destination day or night. Families frequently picnic here, and the shoreline itself is very family-friendly. The famous Cappuccino Strip in Fremantle is only a few minutes away for a variety of dining, retail, and people-watching opportunities.

12. Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach is the type of beach you would visit if you want to avoid a lengthy commute and large throngs. It is convenient for early morning ocean swimming or for cooling off between brunch and lunch. This strip of sand, surrounded by all of Fremantle’s activity, is a municipal treasure. It is appealing in the urban, artistic manner that Fremantle triumphs in.

Sandstone Behind the dunes, Kidogo Arthouse is a beautifully restored building, boardwalks are dotted with public art, and adjacent restaurants, cafes, and pubs make Bathers Beach complete.

13. Rottnest Island


This tiny island is renowned for its adorable quokkas, but it has much more to offer. Rottnest Island, affectionately referred to as “Rotto” by all, is home to many of Perth’s finest beaches. The Beach Gods bestowed exquisite beaches upon this small limestone outcrop arising from the Indian Ocean. Here you will find dazzling white sand, crystal-clear water, expansive crescent-shaped harbors, and intimate secluded coves. Favorites include The Basin, Longreach, and Geordie Bays, as well as Thompson Bay, the island’s core.

If you arrive early, Salmon Bay and Little Armstrong Bay will be relatively untouched by other people’s imprints. Rotto offers boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming; it’s a sanctuary for beach bums!

14. Private Harbour

As the only beach in the Perth metropolitan area with consistent waves throughout the year, Secret Harbour is a popular destination for surfers. The Secret Harbour Surf Beach is equipped with showers, a surf lifesaving club, an amazing new adventure playground, a café, and ample parking, making it ideal for both novice and expert surfers. The Secret Harbour Golf Course, an 18-hole links course ranked among the top 25 public courses in Australia, is just across the street.

15. Mullaloo Beach 

The crowning glory of the north! Mullaloo Beach (or MULLAZ to the natives) is a beautiful long stretch of white sand that our northern suburbs family frequents. There is an epic beach path that runs along the entire length, allowing you to find a secluded spot, as well as numerous facilities on the grass at Mullaloo Beach.

In conclusion, the sun-drenched capital of Western Australia boasts some of the world’s most dazzling expanses of sand due to its pristine coastline.