Gifts for Him


Ideas on what to buy the Men in your life

I need to find a gift for him fast, yep I nearly forgot about my nephews birthday, thats the trouble living down under you don’t always get someone reminding you they have a birthday coming up.

Not to worry I have been doing a bit of internet searching and have come up with afew ideas to save the day.

If you have a gift to buy for the man in your life and you are looking for that special gift to make him happy read on……

If your Man has a sweet tooth, and what man doesnt then there is a wide selection of sweet treats available on A Quarter Of…. Just like the old corner sweet shopthat used to be around when you where a kid. I can still remember my local sweet shopand all the sweets on display to tempt me. Well A Quarter Of…have a selection of all your favorite sweets and have even put together heaps of themed ideas especially for Fathers Day.

Or if your Man is a chocolate lover rather than sweets, don’t dispare. The Chocolate Trading Companyhas a huge selection of chocolate just waiting for you to order.

The modern man of today enjoys to spoil himself and spend hours in the bath (well I know my man does). So you would not believe how pleased I was to find that Macarthur have a selection of papmer packs for men Macarthur Baskets offer a unique range of hampers, baskets & gift boxes. Delivery Australia Wide. Men’s Essentials is my personal favourite because they sneek some chocolates in too, so it will keep my man sweet and smelling sweet.

If its a present for Granddad (or even Nana) then I have just came across a lovely idea on Presents for Men. It is a book that you buy your Granddad as a gift and he then gets to write about his parents, his upbringing, and his early life? You could fill the book with questions you would like him to answer and prompts to make sure he passes on memories that you can share with your children and them there children. Its such a fantastic idea, the next generation of young have a permanent record and an insight into the person behind the grey hair and wrinkles!

For those Men with the kid still in them (that is all of t hem I guess) that love toys and gadgets that Boysstuff Ltd have to offer. A favourite of mine is a flying alarm clock. You have no choicebut to get up when the alarm goes off. You see it takes off and flies round the room, making a really annoying noise like a mosquito! There are loads more fab ideas at Boysstuff Ltd that I could spend ages just looking at what they have in offer.

DIY Tools? Well there is even a website to accommodate for your DIY Tools enthusiast. So if it the house or the garden he likes to spend his time there will be a gadget for him at the DIY Tools

A cheap and cheerful gift for your Man would be a pair of novelty socks from the Sock Shop. For an extra2.50 you can have them gift boxed and delivered to any address.

Another idea to think about is So if your Man likes a tipple then you can select everything drink from beer to cocktails. You can also get gadgets for your Man too from the funky to the fun to the unbelievable. (all these gadgets it must be a man thing)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention they take the stress away form giving at to as offer a gift wrap service

And for the Man who likes to play golf. Click Golf has a range of golf gifts to keep the golfer happy. Golf balls, shoes, bags, clubs and some fantastic golf club animal head covers at only 11.99. Click Golf offers the best range of discount golf equipment so if your Man’s a golfer you will be spoilt for choice.

If he already has all the golfing equipment he needs then buy him a GreatMagazines subscription so he can have golfing hints and tips delivered to his door each month. Of course GreatMagazines not onlyoffer subscription to golf magazines you can choose from a wide selection of GreatMagazines. Go on spoilyou Dad, it will be like having Fathers Day every month when his GreatMagazines pops through the letter box.

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