Mrs M Luck – Spider Bite

Mrs M Luck – Spider Bite


Hi can you help?

My daughter is living in Perth since May and last week found that she had a bite on her leg but did not know what had bitten her. As the day went on it got worse and the following day her leg was very stiff. She went to the doctors and they said it looked like a spider bite but as no spider was found wasn’t sure what it was.

With treatment it has in fact cleared up. Today my daughter managed to find a spider running around the house, it was large, in her mind any way. It had a white stripe down its back and at the moment is sitting under a glass because she can not bring herself to kill it. (I actually think it will be dead before long as it has no way of breathing).

Anyway the point of this is can anyone tell us what they think the spider might be as we have not got a clue. I would love to be able to tell her its name.

So this is not so much a dangerous story as a request for help!



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