Famous Bands from Perth

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Perth, the major city in Western Australia, has been a home to a number of known bands and musicians in popular music industry.

It has become a breeding ground for some famous bands in the 80s music circuit. Some artists in Perth also evolved in the 90s music scene, particularly in the rock, hardcore, alt-rock, hip-hop, classical, and electronic music. 

Notable performers from Perth include David Helfgott, Kevin Parker, Luke Steele and Troye Sivan, Rolf Harris, and Tim Minchin. 

The city produced renowned bands and artists both in Australia and across the globe. These are The Stems, Pond, Tame Impala, Troye Sivan, Gyroscope, Eskimo Joe, John Butler Trio, Little Birdy, Jebediah, Karnivool, The Waifs, Knife Party, Pendulum, Institut Polaire, The Sleepy Jackson, Birds of Tokyo, End of Fashion, Methyl Ethel, Turnstyle, The Panics, Miles Away, Break Even, The Decline, Extortion, Rupture and Heist.

In the hip-hop arena, Perth gave rise to performers like Drapht, Matty B, Lo-Key Fu, Downsyde, and MC Layla.

In the classical scene, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra is a regular feature in Perth. The West Australian Youth Music Association also gives opportunity to the young people of Perth to be part of a musical ensemble. 

The Perth International Arts Festival is Australia’s largest and longest-lasting multi-arts festival.

Promotions and tours are known to be costly for many rising musicians in Perth. But it cannot be denied that these artists have gained their new-found fame from their fan-base in the city.

Some famous bands from Perth

Birds of Tokyo 

This four-piece alt-rock band from Perth was formed in 2004. They gained initial success through their debut album Day One, which reached Number 3 on the Australian AIR Independent Album charts.

The band released their second album Universes, which made it to Number 3 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart. Their album Birds of Tokyo became Top 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart after it was released in 2010.

Simple yet expressive, Birds Of Tokyo’s sound is “universal and incredibly humanistic.”

Description: Birds of Tokyo – Two Of Us


Alt-rock band Jebediah was formed in 1994. It was comprised of Kevin Mitchell (vocals, rhythm guitar), Chris Daymond (lead guitar), Vanessa Thornton (bass guitar), and Brett Mitchell (drums). 

In 1997, they released their first album Slightly Odway. This album was followed by Of Someday Shambles, Jebediah and Glee Sides and Sparities.

The band produced their fourth album Braxton Hicks in 2004.

In 2006, Mitchell, using the name Bob Evans, released his second solo album Suburban Songbook.

Description: Jebediah – Harpoon


In 1996, vocalist-guitarist Ian Kenny formed the band Karnivool. While they started playing Carcass and Nirvana covers, the band eventually found their niche in progressive and alt-rock.

Their solid performances made them as an established band for Down Under’s metal and progressive rock scene.

Description: Karnivool – We Are

Tired Lion 

Tired Lion is known for its alternative and indie rock sounds. The band members are Sophie Hopes (vocalist-guitarist), Matt Tanner (guitarist), Ethan Darnell (drums) and Nick Vasey (bass).

In 2013, Tired Lion released its debut EP, All We Didn’t Know. It was followed by Figurine in 2015, which featured the hit I Don’t Think You Like Me. After bagging the national radio station Triple J’s Unearthed Artist award, the band started touring fellow Down Under bands like Spiderbait and Violent Soho. They also performed in some European music festivals.

 In 2017, the band recorded their debut record Dumb Days. The album made its way to the Australian charts.

Description: Tired Lion – Lie To Me

Little Birdy 

Little Birdy is a four-piece rock band. Their Little Birdy EP was released on October 2003 and became Number 27 on the Australian singles charts. In 2004, the band released their debut album, BigBigLove. The album carried the new versions of Beautiful (renamed Beautiful to Me) and Relapse.

Hollywood, the band’s follow up album, came out in October 2006 and landed at Number 9 on the Aria charts. The band’s big hits include Come On Come On and Bodies. They released their third album Confetti in May 2009.

Description: Little Birdy – Stay Wild

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving is famous in Perth’s live scene. Band members are Aaron Pollard (piano, synth, vocals), Andrew McDonald (guitar, uke), Ben Stacy (drums, sax) and Luke Pollard (bass, samples, glockenspiel). The band released their 2008 EP, Tiny Fragments. The band produced a unique progressive metal sound.

Description: Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – The Alarmist

Harelquin League

Formed in 2007, Harlequin League is four-piece band from Perth. have only scratched the surface of what’s to come.

In 2008, they released their debut EP We Used To Be Gods, Now We’re So Plain. The band gained recognition after an Unearthed J Award nomination. The lead track Again And Again also received many followings from  radio stations across Australia.

Their next EP, I Don’t Do Friends, showed the band’s reputation in punk and eclectic pop. The EP was famous for its lead track All Your Wars Are Won.

Description: Harlequin League – Again And Again