Cottesloe Beach Perth Australia

Cottesloe Beach

Probably one of the more famous Australian Beaches in Perth is Cottesloe Beach.

Cottesloe Beach is frequently featured on the TV when visiting the Western Australian beaches over the festive season.

GMTV in the UK is one TV channel that likes to visit Cottesloe Beach and both Gareth’s Mum and mine avidly watch to see if they can spot a glimps of us.

Unfortunately it was Christmas Eve and we were both busy at work. But if we had know we would have popped down to wave at the camera for Mum. 😉

Cottesloe Beach, is one of the busy city beaches and along with Scarborough and Hillarys.

It is a Perth beach we go to if we are feeling sociable as you will find plenty of people (great for the kids) A bonus is there are cafes ,restaurants, bars and the Cottesloe train station close by. And here are some of the safe and fun toys you can bring to the beach with you. 

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