Chat from Western Australia to the UK or Vice Versa for Less


So Keep in Touch with the
Family & Friends you Leave Behind

Did you know you can now chat to Australia for FREE?? Gone are the days of big phone bills. We can all take advantage of the cheap phone call facilities available and chat for as long as we want, you just have to know where to look.

Calling from Perth
There are a huge number of cheap phone cards in Australia so you can make cheap phone calls and chat to the family and friends you left behind. These can be purchased in Newsagents or on line and have crazy sounding names like Go Bananas. Check out the prices to chat with phonecard selector You can compare prices over all the talk cards available and select the cheapest for your requirements.

E Mail
Email is such an easy way to chat and keep in touch, you can send an email anytime even when the person you are sending it to is away. It is so easy to access email today, for those who don’t have access at home or work you can find an internet cafe in most towns. If not try the local library they are normally a good place to get on the internet

Instant Messaging
What a fab idea IM’s are, it makes me think my sister is just down the road not the other side of the world. We chat all the time in this manner, normally early evening while she is on her lunch at work. Getting an internet passport is easy, I use hotmail ……

Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers. And if you want to call someone without skype you can do that too. For a small fee with SkypeOut, you can use Skype to call landlines and mobiles and chat all over the world. For a small fee with SkypeOut, you can use Skype to call landlines and mobiles, all over the world.

Internet/Webcam & Audio
Once we were settled and had our own pad we invested in a web cam and broadband which makes speaking with the folks back home even better. My youngest niece saw me on the web cam for the first time a few weeks ago. Her little face was a picture, she was so excited so see & hear Auntie Shazza.

Text Message
Text messaging is a great way to keep in contact. I was amazed the first time I sent a text message to my best friend and got a reply almost immediately. Of course if you choose to send a message when it’s the middle of the night then the response may not be so fast. Bring your UK mobile phone with you and switch to red SIM by VODAPHONE

Want to Send FREE Text Messages?

You do? Well check this links out at Text Me Free to find out more.

Hey lets not forget putting pen to paper, that’s what we did before the internet, do you remember? A lot can be done over the internet now including sending electronic cards and gift vouchers. It is always nice though to get that card or letter through the post

Snail Mail
For those heavier parcels then you can always send them by sea. The cost will be a lot less but they will take ages to get there. Be sure to post of in plenty of time for it to reach its destination in time. Oh and don’t do what Mum did and send chocolate by sea. I was so excited to receive a box of Thornton Chocolates but by the time they arrived they where fit only for the bin.

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