Special Celebrations Day





Celebration a cousins wedding with a few of my cousins.

Remembering a Celebrations day such as a Wedding, Mothers Day New baby,or Birthday are so much more important once you are miles away from home. It’s great to receive a card in time rather than late.

I have marked every special celebrations day (with the exception of Xmas which we all should have no problem to remember!)on my calendar and always check it every few weeks or so to see if I need to be getting that card in the post. I can sometimes spend hours in the card shops planning birthdays ahead.

You need to be extra specially aware of Mothers Day and Fathers Day as these fall at different times in Australia than they do in the UK. There won’t be constant reminders when you walk into card shops and newsagents. The good news is that in Perth I have been able to locate a small supply of Mother and Fathers day cards at my local newsagents. Of course there are plenty of electronic cards available on line for you to send

I have made a point of sending presents to my immediate family and close friends because I think it’s a nice way to show I am thinking of them and care enough to make sure I can get a little something delivered to them in time for their celebration.

The cost of sending presents back home is the problem and I have found that often the postage costs as much as the gift. This has led me to hours of searching the internet to find sites that help me with Birthday Ideas delivered by post. I want to be able to order presents using the internet in Australia but for despatched in the UK for delivery in the UK and I want them delivered gift wrapped without the invoice.

There will always be that time when you forgot or almost forgot that special day. Electronic cards and gift vouches can be a life saver on such occasions. There are some fantastic sites that let you send cards for free.

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