Learn About Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is just 19 kilometers (12 miles) off the coast of Perth, but its tranquil setting will make you feel a world removed. Rotto, as the locals name it, is a protected nature reserve teeming with unique flora and fauna, including spectacular marine life and the island’s most famous resident – … Read more

How far is it from Perth to Australia’s other Major Cities?

Perth, Australia

Perth, the capital and largest metropolis of Western Australia, is located in the south-western corner of Australia. It is situated between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Range on the Swan Coastal Plain. With approximately 2.1 million residents, or more than 80% of Western Australia’s total population, it ranks as the fourth … Read more

How is Perth different from Sydney?

Sydney and Perth, two vibrant Australian communities separated by 4,000 kilometers of coastline, could not be more dissimilar. Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and most famous tourist destinations, whereas Canberra is regarded as the country’s secure city and is almost half the size. Sydney is renowned for its yacht-filled harbor, iconic … Read more

Margaret River erth Australia

North of Perth

Home: Western Australia Holiday; Margaret River MARGARET RIVER Margaret River is in the South West region of Western Australia. It is one of our favorite destinations to take friends and family who come to visit OR even if we just want to get away for a long weekend. We spent a long … Read more

Perth Northern Suburbs

North of Perth

Home: PERTH NORTHERN SUBURBS Perth Northern suburbs grew rapidly in the 1960’s and 70’s. Today the Northern suburbs stretch some 37km north of the Perth CBD. The newer norther suburbs still offer opportunities to purchase a block of land and build your own place with land sales at Brighton, Banksia Grove, Wanneroo … Read more



Home: Perth Suburbs: Perth Northern Suburbs : Edgewater PERTH SUBURB EDGEWATER The Perth suburb of Edgewater derived its name from its location on the western shores of lake Joondalup. Location Edgewater is a Northern Perth Suburb in the Lakeside Ward of the City of Joondalup, it is situatied 23km North of Perth … Read more

Cottesloe Beach Perth Australia

GREAT Perth beaches

Home: Perth Western Australia Beaches; Cottesloe Beach Cottesloe Beach Probably one of the more famous Australian Beaches in Perth is Cottesloe Beach. Cottesloe Beach is frequently featured on the TV when visiting the Western Australian beaches over the festive season. GMTV in the UK is one TV channel that likes to visit … Read more

C Restaurant


    THE C RESTAURANT PERTH We took our friends Viv and Jo for an early evening meal at the C Restaurant in Perth when they came to visit in November 2004 and enjoyed our meal watching the sun go down:-) The C Restaurant can be found at level 33 of ST … Read more