Importing Car Australia


Home: Move to Perth; Importing your car IMPORTING CAR AUSTRALIA What You Need To Know So your importing car Australia. Well before you start to make any decisions, STOP and do your research. I have put together some information and links to get you started and help you to avoid making an … Read more

Working Holiday Visa for Australia


Home: Australian Visa : Working Holiday Visa WORKING HOLIDAY VISA FOR AUSTRALIA Getting a working holiday Visa for Australia is a great option for students to take when they leave college or university. It’s a great idea to take a gap year and do some travelling.  Need a Working Holiday visa? Click … Read more

Perth is Great :)

Home Perth is Great 🙂 we moved here from zimbabwe 5 years ago and i have to say i love perth! its soooo safe and beutiful, the swan river is gorgeous and the beaches are so clean and calm. i love being able to go across to rotto or down to margaret … Read more

Local News Perth & WA


  About Perth News & Information Immigrate Perth Home : Perth News Home : Category Index : Local News Perth & WA   Local News Perth & WA   Read all about the local news and gossip in Perth and Western Australia. Are you looking for cheap flights from Perth? Check out … Read more


Home: Move to Perth You Have the Visa – What’s Next? Helping you to Settle in Perth How about the packing, the shippers; the first few hours and days in Western Australia; your initial accommodation; schools; houses; the dog; cars; mobiles/cell phones; and the many other aspects of your life. DO NOT … Read more

Government Australia


Home: Perth Facts: Government in Perth: GOVERNMENT AUSTRALIA We have a federal government Australia. A Federal government is a system of government with two levels sharing governing responsibility. The responsibility is shared between a single national authority and several state (or regional) authorities. We have the federal parliament in Canberra, which overseas … Read more