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Home: Getting Around: Car rental in Perth CAR RENTAL PERTH Car rental Perth options are available in several locations throughout Perth Western Australia. If you ar eon the move to Perth and need a rental car it is advised that you organise car rental so you have a vehicle available when you … Read more

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  IMMIGRATE IMMIGRATE DEFINITION To immigrate is to enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native. USAGE MIGRATE   1. To move from one country or region and settle in another. 2. To change location periodically, especially by moving seasonally from one region to another. Migrate, … Read more

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CAN YOU GET ENOUGH POINTS FOR A SKILLED MIGRANT VISA In order to lodge an application to enter Australia as a Skilled Migrant you need the meet the basic requirement which includes being 45 years of age or under, speaking English, having a post secondary qualification and a job on the Skills … Read more

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MOVING TO AUSTRALIA REMOVAL GUIDE If you are moving to Perth, Western Australia and have a place of your own in the UK then your are bound to have a few bits and pieces you will want to take with you. It may only be a few boxes or it could be … Read more



  DISCLAIMER We migrated to Perth Western Australia in October 2003. We are sharing our knowledge and experience with you but are not experts. It is recommended that you discuss your requirements further with professionals specialising in the appropiate field before making any final decision Information on this site is intended to … Read more

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Home: Australian Visa : Parent Visa PARENT VISA TO AUSTRALIA Parent, Aged Parent and Contibutory Parent Visas If you are a parent with children permanently in Australia who have been permanent residents in Australia for two years or more, then as long as you pass the balance of family test you can … Read more

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  About Perth News & Information Immigrate Perth Home : Perth News Home : May 2006   May 3, 2006 00:28 – New minimum salaries for temporary overseas skilled workers   Amanda Vanstone, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, announced on Monday May 1st an increase in the minimum wage for temporary … Read more