Private Health Insurance


HEALTH CARE AUSTRALIA Private Health Insurance WA HBA Health Insurance HBA Health Cover. HBH Health Insurance HBF Health Cover. HCF Health Insurance HCF Health Cover. MBF Health Insurance MBF Health Cover. Medibank Private Health Insurance Medibank Private Health Cover. NIB Health Insurance NIB Health Cover. SGIO … Read more

Buy your New Home in Perth before you arrive


BUY YOUR NEW HOME IN PERTH FROM THE UK So you would like to buy your new home in Perth before you get here? No worries. All you need to do is apply for an Australian mortgage with an Australian lender while you are still living and working in the UK. It’s … Read more

Australian Snakes


Home: About Perth: Australian Snakes BROWN SNAKE, TIGER SNAKE AND OTHER AUSTRALIAN SNAKES   OK so when you think of Australia you probably think of snakes. Truth is though that although Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest snakes I have yet to see one outside of a Zoo. In … Read more

Red Back


Home Red Back by Lara (Perth, Australia) This Red Back spider was a freak ………….Just ridiculously huge, about 4 to 5 times the normal expected size of a red back. They are not always tiny, i think if this one bit you, you could be dead or just live the rest of … Read more

Red Back got me!


Home Red Back got me! by Gareth Cocklin (Perth) Another 1st Australian experience 🙂 It was a lovely spring day, the grass was looking a bit long and it had not rained for a few days, as I had been away driving trucks for the last week, I jump at the chance … Read more

Sydney Funnel Web


Home Sydney Funnel Web by Nikko (Sydney, NSW Australia) Not in Western Australia but Sydney, the locality of one of the worlds most deadly spider, the Sydney Funnel web,this arvo I was sitting in my garden when I felt a tickle on my leg and when I looked down, guess what was … Read more

Autralian Spiders


  Australian Spiders In the UK we don’t get dangerous spiders (well unless they are in a zoo or perhaps being kept as pets) but in Australia it is different. The pictures below where taken in my back garden in Perth, Western Australia.   Common Huntsman Spider   Huntsman spiders are large, … Read more