Does Australia Really Have Dangerous Creatures?


Australia is not exempted when it comes to urban legends and myths about dangerous creatures, particularly stingrays, snakes, spiders, and sharks. Despite being a first-world country–owing to its tremendous economic prosperity and political stability–Australia is also battling to keep its reputation intact in terms of the factual information of its amazing and … Read more

Australia isn’t a dangerous place to live

Life in Perth

Home Australia isn’t a dangerous place to live We are a Willetton, Perth family living in the UK for a few years. The most common reaction we get from people here when we tell them we’re Aussies is the question “aren’t there lots of dangerous animals in Australia?”. There is a very … Read more

Private Health Insurance Cover

Health Insurance

Home: Health in Perth: Private Health: PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE COVER So you have landed in Perth and amongst everything else you need to decide if you should take out Private Health Cover? In Australia we have 2 types of Private Health Cover. Hospital Cover – This covers your costs as an in-patient … Read more

Can anybody tell me what type of spider this is???

Red Back Spider

Home Can anybody tell me what type of spider this is??? by Kendra Leigh (Phoenix, Arizona USA) I live in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) and I’ve seen TWO of these spiders in a 12 hour period! I don’t know what it is as I’ve never seen anything like it! Can someone please help … Read more

Subterranian termite and other household pests


Home:: Australian Animals : Subterranian Termites SUBTERRANIAN TERMITES Subterranian Termites are one thing we don’t have a problem with in the UK but termites are a must to watch over here in Perth and the rest of Australia. In fact the Australian Standards stipulate that buildings be inspected for termites every 12 … Read more

Dangerous Australian Animals

Australian unique animals

Home: About Perth: Dangerous Australian Animals DANGEROUS AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS Coming face to face with dangerous Australian animals is one of the fears of those moving over to Perth. Spiders, Snakes and Spiders tend to be the most feared of the animals although they are not the only dangerous animals living in Australia. … Read more

Spider at Carterton College UK

College uk

Home Spider at Carterton College UK by Michael Staniland (Abingdon Uk) When I returned to the UK after some years teaching in Aus. I brought back many artifacts thinking to use them as aids. Among them was a didgeridoo. It had been in house for some time. Before arriving back in UK, … Read more

Mrs M Luck – Spider Bite

Spider Bite

Mrs M Luck – Spider Bite (England) Hi can you help? My daughter is living in Perth since May and last week found that she had a bite on her leg but did not know what had bitten her. As the day went on it got worse and the following day her … Read more