Centrelink Perth


  CENTRELINK In Australia Centrelink is the government agency that is responsible for providing social services and assistance to the Australian people. Once you arrive in Australia as a permenant resident there is generally a 2 year waiting period before you can claim benefits. Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Benefit are … Read more

UK Pension Transfer


UK PENSION TRANSFER UPDATE UK pension transfer needs to be in Australia before 6 April or you could face 40% tax when you take it out of the UK. UK inspired changes which will apply from April 6 2006, could make it difficult to make a UK pension transfer and roll funds … Read more

Live in Australia on a Retirement Visa


RETIREMENT VISA A retirement visa will offer you four years of temporary residency in Australia.. As a temporary resident of Australia you will not be entitled to social security or welfare benefits and will be required to take out adequate health insurance to cover your stay in Australia. Should you wish to … Read more



Home: Transfer Your Pension TRANSFER YOUR UK PENSION TO AUSTRALIA The decision to migrate to Australia requires a lot of planning, thought and consideration. In addition to emotional decisions, there are several significant financial decisions that require consideration. Whilst most of us think of the most prominent financial decisions such as buying … Read more

Buying A Used Car in Western Australia


Home: Getting Settled : Buying A Used Car in Western Australia BUYING A USED CAR IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA You may notice that used cars Perth tend to be more expensive than in the UK, older models do not seem to depreciate as much. This is because vehicles do not rot due to … Read more

Private Health Insurance


HEALTH CARE AUSTRALIA Private Health Insurance WA HBA Health Insurance HBA Health Cover. https://www.hba.com.au HBH Health Insurance HBF Health Cover. https://www.hbf.com.au/ HCF Health Insurance HCF Health Cover. https://www.hcf.com.au/ MBF Health Insurance MBF Health Cover. https://www.mbf.com.au/ Medibank Private Health Insurance Medibank Private Health Cover. https://www.medibankprivate.com.au/ NIB Health Insurance NIB Health Cover. https://www.nib.com.au/ SGIO … Read more

First Time Home Buyers Grant


AM I ELIGIBLE FOR THE FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS GRANT The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is something that as a new migrant buying your first home in Perth you will probably be entitled to.   WHAT IS FHOG? The FHOG is financial assistance provided for Australians buying their first home. As … Read more