Buying A Used Car in Western Australia


Home: Getting Settled : Buying A Used Car in Western Australia BUYING A USED CAR IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA You may notice that used cars Perth tend to be more expensive than in the UK, older models do not seem to depreciate as much. This is because vehicles do not rot due to … Read more

Private Health Insurance


HEALTH CARE AUSTRALIA Private Health Insurance WA HBA Health Insurance HBA Health Cover. HBH Health Insurance HBF Health Cover. HCF Health Insurance HCF Health Cover. MBF Health Insurance MBF Health Cover. Medibank Private Health Insurance Medibank Private Health Cover. NIB Health Insurance NIB Health Cover. SGIO … Read more

First Time Home Buyers Grant


AM I ELIGIBLE FOR THE FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS GRANT The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is something that as a new migrant buying your first home in Perth you will probably be entitled to.   WHAT IS FHOG? The FHOG is financial assistance provided for Australians buying their first home. As … Read more

Skilled-Sponsored visa. Financial Adviser 2007


Home Skilled-Sponsored visa. Financial Adviser 2007 by Janine and Andrew (Perth) Why move to Perth? Well, we have family here who moved to Australia twenty something years ago. So since 1999, our first visit, we had been chatting over the Australia v UK thing. We decided we were unsure and we didn’t … Read more



Home: About Us HOW I TURNED MY PASSION TO HELP OTHER INTO A BUSINESS? My passion?  Well thats easy my love of Perth I fell in love with Perth and Western Ausralia when we honeymooned over here back in 2000. It was not love at first site though, you see the first … Read more

Australia Banks


Australian Immigration Resource Australia Banks AUTRALIA BANKS Commonwealth Bank of Australia London Branch The first place to stop to open your Australia bank Account. HSBC Bank Australia HSBC Bank in Australia with its HQ in Sydney and a branch in Perth. Anz Bank Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) National … Read more