Private Health Insurance Cover


Home: Health in Perth: Private Health: PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE COVER So you have landed in Perth and amongst everything else you need to decide if you should take out Private Health Cover? In Australia we have 2 types of Private Health Cover. Hospital Cover – This covers your costs as an in-patient … Read more

Centrelink Family Payments


Home: Centrelink Family Payments Centrelink Family Payments and Other Centrelink Benefits In Australia the government agency Centrelink is responsible for providing social services, family payments and assistance to the Australian people. Once you arrive in Australia as a permanent resident there is generally a 2 year waiting period before you can claim … Read more

Your Tax Return Questions Answered


Home: Tax Return YOUR TAX RETURN QUESTIONS Do you have any tax return questions? You do If you are filing your income tax return for the fist time in Australia then you probably have a few questions to ask. So to help you along I have provided some information and links below … Read more

Tax File Number Australia


Home: Tax File Number Australia Applying for your Tax File Number in Australia(TFN) The “Tax File Number in Australia” (TFN) is the equivalent to the National Insurance (NI) number in the UK. You need your TFN if you have earnings from employment or investment in Australia and will be a tax resident … Read more

Australian Currency Exchange


Home: Move to Perth AUSTRALIAN CURRENCY EXCHANGE Organise your currency exchange early. Timing your Australian currency exchange can make a huge difference to the number of dollars you end up with in your pocket. WHY?, I hear you ask…. well let me share the knowledge I learnt about the exchange rate during … Read more



Home: Financial AUSSIE DOLLAR BANKS, CREDIT CARDS & EFTPOS OK well the Aussie Dollar is different to the notes we have in UK. To start with it is made of plastic which, means you can take it for a dip in the sea with you.   The other thing is that the … Read more

Centrelink Perth


  CENTRELINK In Australia Centrelink is the government agency that is responsible for providing social services and assistance to the Australian people. Once you arrive in Australia as a permenant resident there is generally a 2 year waiting period before you can claim benefits. Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Benefit are … Read more

UK Pension Transfer


UK PENSION TRANSFER UPDATE UK pension transfer needs to be in Australia before 6 April or you could face 40% tax when you take it out of the UK. UK inspired changes which will apply from April 6 2006, could make it difficult to make a UK pension transfer and roll funds … Read more

Live in Australia on a Retirement Visa


RETIREMENT VISA A retirement visa will offer you four years of temporary residency in Australia.. As a temporary resident of Australia you will not be entitled to social security or welfare benefits and will be required to take out adequate health insurance to cover your stay in Australia. Should you wish to … Read more



Home: Transfer Your Pension TRANSFER YOUR UK PENSION TO AUSTRALIA The decision to migrate to Australia requires a lot of planning, thought and consideration. In addition to emotional decisions, there are several significant financial decisions that require consideration. Whilst most of us think of the most prominent financial decisions such as buying … Read more