What are the options to play the lottery in Australia?

lottery in Australia

Australia’s lotteries can rival the Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and US Powerball in plenty of ways. The lotteries Down Under are up with various games and surprises to offer. To name a few, Australia’s lottery draws are available nearly every day of the week, offering “some of the best winning odds anywhere,” and … Read more

Perth Financial

City of Perth

  About Perth News & Information Immigrate Perth Home : Perth News Home : Category Index : Perth Financial   Perth Financial   Read all about the latest development in the world of finance in Perth and Western Australia. Big four banks lift fixed rates The property and commodities boom puts Perth … Read more

Australian Superannuation – Choice of Super…what does it mean?

Australian Superannuation

Home: Australian Superanniation AUSTRALIAN SUPERANNUATION Australian Superannuation or Super as it is more commonly known is the term referred to by the Australians for their pension, it is a way of saving for retirement. Contributions will be made into your Super Fund, which, over time builds into a larger sum earning investment … Read more

Forward Currency Contract

Currency Exchange

Home: Currency Exchange: Forward Currency Contract FORWARD CURRENCY CONTRACT & OTHER CURRENCY CONTRACTS FORWARD BUYING A Forward currency contract is when you fix the exchange rate of your Australian currency at today’s rate but don’t pay for your currency until some point in the future, (buying now paying later) you can do … Read more

Australian Tax

Tax File

Home: Australian Tax Law UNDERSTANDING OF AUSTRALIAN TAX LAW Be aware of Australian tax requirements if you are making the move to Perth. By checking ou t the Australian taxation laws ealry on in the migration process, could save you a lot of dollars. Put your financial strategy in place and do … Read more

Australian Super

Australian Super

Home: Australian Super AUSTRALIAN SUPER (Aged Pension) The Australian Super (“Pensionâ€�) system is different to many pension systems throughout the world. There are Seven Major Characteristics of Australian Super: 1.  Compulsory Contributions:  At present, 9% of your salary must be contributed to your Super fund by your employer on an annual basis. … Read more

Currency Exchange FAQ’s

Currency Exchange

    CURRENCY EXCHANGE FAQ’S Q. Where should I buy currency? You can obviously walk into any high street bank or bureau de change and exchange your currency. This may be convenient for your holidays but for larger amounts of currency it pays to get in touch with a specialist foreign exchange … Read more

Costs Related Buying House in Perth

estate agent

Home: Buying a house in Perth: Costs related buying house COSTS RELATED BUYING HOUSE PERTH There are many upfront costs related buying house Perth that it can be a shock to some first home buyers. I have detailed some of the key purchasing costs below to give you a bit of guidance. … Read more