What Dangers Do People Experience in Australia?

stony desert Australian Outback

Australia is the host of many deadly creatures known to humankind. You probably know what that means if you’ve watched the movie, Back to the Outback. The question is, is Australia a dangerous place to live? The answer is no because the “land down under” is one of the world’s safest places. … Read more

History of Castlemaine XXXX Beer

Beer taps in a pub

XXXX (pronounced four-ex) is a famous Australian brand of beer in Milton, Brisbane, by Castlemaine Perkins, currently a division of the Japanese-owned company Lion. It enjoys wide popularity in Queensland, commonly found in all pubs and bars.  The XXXX Brand The brand was first introduced by Castlemaine in 1924 and is a … Read more

Learning to Play the Didgeridoo

Aboriginal Show playing Didgeridoo

The Didgeridoo also called a “didj,” is a woodwind instrument. It is also known as Yidaki, a word that the Yolngu people use in the northern parts of Australia. They are the Aboriginal people of northern Australia who invented the Didgeridoo around 1,500 years ago. The first Didgeridoo was made from trees … Read more

History of Vegemite

Iconic traditional Australian breakfast food

Vegemite (pronounced as veh-juh-mite) is Australia’s favorite spreadable paste. It is thick dark brown made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract (a by-product of beer manufacture) and various vegetable and spice additives. It is also a very richest source of Vitamin B. Dr. Cyril P Callister created this very salty food spread, Australia’s … Read more

Most Dangerous Spiders You May Find in a Perth Home

redback spider

Australia is renowned internationally for its venomous spiders. From the world’s allegedly most dangerous spider the Sydney Funnel-Web, to the utterly creepy Australian Tarantula and many more. While most of the thousands of spider species living in this country are perfectly harmless there are some that are poisonous. And in the case … Read more

Can You Homeschool in Perth?

mother helping her daughter with homework

Homeschooling in Perth The flexibility of homeschooling in Western Australia can make life easier for both the students and the whole family. The child can learn at their own pace, and you get to closely monitor their progress.  All parents and legal guardians can homeschool their children during their compulsory years or … Read more

Budget Housing in Perth

Perth central business district

Perth is located in Australia’s largest state – Western Australia. From the desert in the east to the sparkling blue coastlines of the west. And the city having the second-highest population growth rate of all Australian capitals, there are always new people arriving in the city. For business and leisure travelers Budget … Read more