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Car rental Perth options are available in several locations throughout Perth Western Australia. If you ar eon the move to Perth and need a rental car it is advised that you organise car rental so you have a vehicle available when you arrive at the airport.

There are other ways to get around Perth and Western Australia if you dont have a car rental Perth BUT you may need to be patient and have plently of spare time.

I guess you are wondering what is wrong with the train or the bus? Of course Perth does have a trains and buses for public use.

The problem is that all the train lines run out of the City of Perth so to get anywhere by train you have to first get to the closest train station and then depending on which line the station is on you may have to go into Perth to switch to another line to take you out of the city in another direction.  This can result in a lot of time spent traveling and waiting for trains.

Likewise the buses will generally start or finish at a train station, so getting between suburbs is not always an easy option.

In fact when my girlfriend came to stay a few years back she would get a train to Cottesloe when she wanted to go to the beach.

Hillarys was the closest beach but would take much longer to do the trip by public transport.


Like any foreign country you can’t just go hire a car without first providing ID and proof you are a ca pable driver.

So if you are looking to rent a car in Perth you will need

  • your drivers licence
  • your passport

Fortunately when making the move to Perth you will have your passport as you would not be able to enter the country without it. So Just make sure you have your driving licence with you as well and it does not get packed with everything when the removal people come to pack your home away.


When you hire a car in Perth you will generally find there will be a wide range of daily car hire rates.  Rates vary because of a number of thngis and it is worth checking that your daily rate covers everything you need.

When organising your car rental Perth be sure to check;

  • Any limitations on where you can go – for example are you covered if you drive out of the Perth metro area or if you drive on ungraded roads.
  • Are you allowed to drive after dark – this is more relevant if you are outside of the Perth metro area and is a restriction that may be in place to avoid you hitting a kangaroo.
  • If there is a limit on the number of km you can drive in a day? Western Australia covers a large area and to drive your car rental perth between regonal towns can be many km’s.  If you are drving locally you will probably be fine but if you are expecting to drive lots be aware of what the limitations are and if you need to uprade.
  • Does your car rental Perth allow for more than one driver? Again if not and you will be driving outside of the metro area you may want to have 2 nominated drivers so you can share the driving.
  • What is the level of insurance provided and what any excess premium you may have to pay.  You may want to pay an extra daily fee to reduce the excess you have to pay or you may find that travel insurance covers you for an excess limit on car hire.
  • How do you need to return your car rental Perth, will you need to return the car with a full tank of fuel?
    • If a full tank is requried then it will often be cheaper to fill the tank before you return the car retal Perth.
    • If you are requried to return your car rental perth with an empty tank then you want to make sure not to fill up with fuel just before you return your car rental Perth.


  • In Western Australia and in fact all of Australia we drive on the left
  • Maximum speed limit in built up areas is 50km unless notified otherwise
  • Seat belts must be worn by al passengers.  There is a fine and demerrt points for not wearing a seat belt
  • The speed limit on the Freeway is 100km ph unless notified otherwise
  • Use of mobile phones is not allowed and offenders recieve a fine and demerit points
  • The drink driving alcohol limit is


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