Buying A Used Car in Western Australia


You may notice that used cars Perth tend to be more expensive than in the UK, older models do not seem to depreciate as much.

This is because vehicles do not rot due to the climatic conditions.

You will also be interested to learn that in Western Australia private vehicles are not required to have an annual MOT.

Instead the Police can give you a yellow sticker. If you get a yellow sticker then you have to take your vehicle over the pits and get the OK before you can drive on the roads.

Car dealers have a legal requirement to provide a warranty. Some dealers may also try to sell you an extended warranty. If they do be sure to read the conditions so you know what is covered and what you are paying for.

Statutory warranty of three months or 5000Km (whichever happens first) if you paid more than $4,000 and the vehicle is not more than 10 years old nor traveled more than 150,000 Km at the time of sale

You may want to negotiate a price based on the waiver of the warranty. If this is the case then click on this link for further details.

All of the usual checks need to taken when purchasing a car, however the RAC provide independent vehicle checks for a fee.  If you are buying from a private seller this is recommended.

If you are buying from a private seller it is also recommended that you check the REVS (Register if Encumbered Vehicles) a computer record of vehicles with money owning against them. For more information click the link through to the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection.

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