Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas
you dont need to be there to deliver a great gift

Since I have been living in Perth I have put a lot more thought into birthday gift ideas and what to buy the family and friends back home.

The big problem is having to post everything, which, takes time and can be expensive (especially if the vase I sent Mum gets broken on the way).

What I have started to do now is look towards the internet for my birthday gift ides. and in this section of I will share some of the better sites with you.

More and more sites are starting to offer a gift service. This is great for me because they deliver it wrapped for me and send me the invoice. It also means I can risk sending my mum that vase as it will not have so far to travel so a lot less risk of getting broken.

Of course the other great thing about the internet and me being in Australia and back home being in the UK we are 8 hours ahead. This has been enough time to get flowers (or any other birthday gift idea I guess)delivered on time at short notice. (Never thought I would be glad of a little time difference). Yes it’s true I was able to order some flowers and have them delivered the same day. I used bunches for my delivery there prices start low so it makes them really affordable. Check the banner below to find out for yourself.




Another online gift favourite of mine is figleaves. They sell lingerie on line (includes womens/mens/swimwear and nightwear). You can pay a little extra for gift wrapping and if you spend over £25 they will deliver any where in the world for free. I used to use figleaves a lot when ordering my pretties back home and still treat myself now. Click the link below to be taken to the figleaf site and see for yourself what a fantastic range they have.

Oh and I just remembered a bit of a bonus. When your folks ask you for some birthday gift ideas so they know what to get you just send them a few links with a little detail. It’s a sure way to get what you want :0). Boots in the UK is a store that offers a great choice of goodies offers a gift wrap option and if you spend over £40 delivers for free. Please click on the Boots logo to visit the Boots site

And to send the Folks in Oz

Of course if you have spent hours searching the gift sites and still have no idea what to get then look no further than an E-Voucher. An e-Voucher can be used at a wide selection of stores throughout Australia.


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