Best Australian Beers

When people talk about Australia, they usually refer to it as natural wonders and modernized cities. It is a haven of breathtaking backdrops and creatures (pun intended) famed worldwide. But, more than its natural grandeur and highly urbanized cities, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, to name a few, The Land Down Under also boasts of its proud history and rich culture.

One of the interesting things about Australian culture is beer drinking. Aussies’ love for drinking beer is specially tested and proven if you visit one of the local pubs in Melbourne or Perth. May you be in the Sunshine State or Sydney’s inner west; you’d surely get to enjoy a pint or two of Coopers and experience a different kind of beer drinking experience. 

If you are traveling to the largest continent country in the world, getting an Australian hangover should be on your bucket list. Aussies particularly love their beers, and sharing a drink or two with the charming and lively lot could spell a worthwhile trip. So, to give you a heads up, take a look at some of the best go-to Australian beers to quench your summer thirst.

1. Carlton Draught 

Are you trying out lager for the first time? Well, Aussies recommend Carlton Draught for your initiation rite. Carlton Draught is an impressively refreshing alcoholic drink that offers light bitterness and fruity aroma when guzzled. 

As the official beer of the AFL, this classic Aussie lager prides itself with a distinctive taste at 4.7% alcohol. It is also one of Australia’s best-selling tap beers renowned for being ‘brewery fresh’ and excellent value for money. Carlton Draught is a winning pick, offering a crisp palate and slightly dry aftertaste.

2. Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale 

Indeed, one should not dare miss this classic Aussie beer. Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale is an easy fan-favorite due to its affordability and exceptional taste. The Coopers lager proves to be an excellent thirst-quencher, containing 4.5% alcohol. 

Aussie beer drinkers usually give this Cooper beer a high satisfaction rating, which the brand pretty much deserves given its taste and value for money. Its distinctive taste and cloudy appearance are all thanks to Cooper’s special brewing process. The pale ale’s deep golden color is accented with a nice and smooth aroma; its great level of foam, an invitation to a few more drinks.

3. James Boag Premium Lager

Established and named after its creator in 1881, the James Boag produced a line-up of alcoholic drinks that pleased the palates of both local and foreign consumers. If we base the ranking to taste, affordability, packaging, and overall drinking satisfaction, the brand could easily come out as the victor. Indeed, it’s one of the European beers that frankly deserves accolade.

James Boag Premium Lager is one of the brand’s best-sellers. It offers a smooth and subtle aftertaste of a Tasmanian brew containing 4.6% of alcohol. The perfect balance between hop and malt is a reminder of its sophisticated Tasmanian heritage, which is why most Aussies regard this beer as one of the best.

4. Victoria Bitter

Another Australian legendary alcoholic drink is Victoria Bitter which you can find in almost any pub across the country. We can’t talk about the best Australian beers without mentioning VB. Gained several monikers like Very Best, Vitamin B, and Victory Beer amongst beer fans only proves how special it is to the Aussies. 

Each bottle or can of Victoria Bitter offers a great full-strength lager with its deliciously bitter flavor. It’s an excellent thirst-quencher that goes perfectly well with the harsh climate of the country. Its 4.9% alcohol content has a nice oomph factor so that you can enjoy this iconic green tin with a friend or two.

5. Little Creatures Pale Ale 

If a unique citron taste ale is more your style, Little Creatures Pale Ale is perfect for you. Every bottle of this beer bursts with flavor and aroma. Its special blend is widely acclaimed not only in Australia but also overseas.

Little Creatures Pale Ale features fresh whole hop flowers, giving the drink crisp hints of grapefruit and passionfruit flavors. A decent amount of bitterness perfectly balances the beer’s fruity flavor. At 5,2% alcohol content, it drives you to have some more, which you don’t need to worry about since it is both additive and preservative-free.

6. Tooheys New

Another must-try beer is Tooheys New, an Australian lager that offers a strangely delicious balance between malt and hops aroma. Tooheys New is your go-to drink if you want an easy-drinking lager. You can readily find this beer at almost any pub across New South Wales.

Tooheys New may be your typical variety of Australian beer, containing 4.6% of alcohol. However, its delicate taste that soothes the palates makes it a classic cure for beer thirst. The beer is also hard to miss, as it is the official beer of the Wallabies, the Australia national rugby union team.

7. Castlemaine XXXX Gold

You can count this beer as one of the Australian pure beer brands. The lager is not only widely available but is also extremely popular, especially in its hometown in the Sunshine State. Most Aussies consider this beer a true working man’s beer. It is widely accessible and perfect even for hot weather.

Castlemaine XXXX Gold gives you a balanced, smooth flavor and body, complemented by mild bitterness and hints of sweetness from extra malt. The mid-strength XXXX Gold contains a discreet 3.5% alcohol. It uses golden cluster hops brewed with only the finest ingredients to achieve its distinct taste and aroma. 

8. Tooheys Extra Dry

Tooheys Extra Dry’s clean and refreshing aftertaste is its prime selling point. It’s also one of the Aussie-favorites for its general availability – you can find a carton of Tooheys Extra Dry in almost any liquor store in the country. The beer remains one of beer drinkers’ choices, especially in its hometown in New South Wales.

This dry-style lager has a crisp, dry finish, thanks to an extended fermentation, ensuring minimal residual fermentable sugars. It features fantastic fruity, malty notes accent a mellow middle palate, leaving your mouth with a refreshing finish and your thirst quenched.

9. Hahn Superdry

Hahn Super Dry is your top pick if you need to watch your diet but still want to enjoy a few drinks with your mates. This beer is a delicious low-carb drink that originated in Sydney. What’s neat about this lager is that it combines the finest modern brewing technology with only premium ingredients. 

Thanks to the delicate and extended brewing process, Hahn Superdry became a full-flavored, crisp, and refreshing beverage that is 99.9% sugar-free. The lager contains 4.6% alcohol with low bitterness and a light body, making it an easy alcoholic beer.