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Coming face to face with dangerous Australian animals is one of the fears of those moving over to Perth. Spiders, Snakes and Spiders tend to be the most feared of the animals although they are not the only dangerous animals living in Australia.

While Australian wildlife is known for its unique and diverse array of species, some animals can be considered pests when they invade residential areas or cause damage to property. In such situations, it’s essential to take appropriate pest control measures to ensure a safe and healthy living environment. Learning from pest control practices in other regions like Downingtown, Pennsylvania, can provide valuable insights on effective and eco-friendly methods for managing various pests. By implementing proven pest control strategies, you can mitigate the impact of these animals while still appreciating the wonders of Australian wildlife.

Dangerous Australian animals include:

  1. The Box Jellyfish
  2. The Taipan
  3. Saltwater Crocodile
  4. Blue Ring Octopus
  5. Stone Fish
  6. Red Back Spider
  7. Brown Snake
  8. Tiger Snake
  9. Great White Shark
  10. Funnel Web Spider

When we moved over my hubby Gareth was no different, his biggest fear was spiders and he would regularly be out spraying the house and garden with some spider treatment or other.

That was six years ago, now days the dangerous Australian animals don’t bother him he only worries about mozzie bites.


We have lived here in Perth now for six years, during that time I have not seen many dangerous Australian animals. I have only seen:

  • One snake (down at the lighthouse in Augustus)
  • Lots of spiders, including red backs but they have never caused me any harm. Gareth did get a bite form a red back spider last summer, he suffered a day of discomfort and did not need to go to hospital.
  • Not one shark, I am not saying the sharks are not out there but they are not the threat you think they are.


I am not saying the dangerous Australian animals are not dangerous but by following a few simple guidelines you can make your life a whole heap safer.

  1. Never ignore warning signs they are there for a reason.
  2. Don’t go putting your hands or feet when you can’t see where you are putting them. For example under logs, rocks or even shells you find on the beach, there could be a dangerous animal living under or inside them.
  3. Shake your shoes before putting them on
  4. Don’t be tempted to go picking up an animal. If you go catching snakes and spiders then you are asking to get bitten.
  5. If you go walking in the bush stamp your way through. This will give any snakes that may be around advanced warning. If the snake hears you coming (and they have very good hearing) they will move to someplace safe. Snakes are more scared of you than you are of them, they will keep out your way if they can. Remember snakes are the most dangerous when surprised so let them know you are coming.
  6. If you are unfortunate enough to come face to face with a snake then stay still and wait for the snake to leave.
  7. Think before you go into the water you can avoid the risk of sharks if you
  • Avoid swimming alone at dawn, dusk or night
  • Where possible swim at beaches that are patrolled and swim between the flags
  • If a shark is sighted then leave the water immediately
  • Never swim if you are bleeding
  • Don’t swim in river mouths or canals

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