Australia Book


My Favourite Australia Book and a Few others not to be Missed

Before I go away I always spend a fortune in the airport bookstore or Amazon if I am organised enough.

I load up on all the travel books and any other related books that look interesting. I never like to miss a thing.

OK I plan to live in Perth forever which gives me plenty of time to get round to see everything. BUT my visitors of which there have been a few only have those few weeks they are on holiday and I want to be sure that I send them back home after they have had a holiday to remember. 🙂

My collection of books on Australia started a while ago when living here was only an idea and it has grown ever since.

My favourite Australian Book is by Bill Bryson.

In a Sunburned Country

There are plenty more Australia Books to get your teeth into and as we progress through the year I will be reviewing and telling you all about some of the best ones.


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