Rental Accommodation in Perth Western Australia

Rental Accommodation in Perth

You’re looking for Rental Accommodation in Perth but you are not sure where to start? Well the good news is that rents for accommodation in Perth Western Australia are the lowest in the country. (according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia figures)

The median weekly Rental Accommodation in Perth Western Australia for a 3 bed property was $186 at the end of June 2004. (remember the more exclusive the suburb and the closer to the beach, city or river the accommodation is the higher the rent you can expect to pay).

This news is great if your immigrating to Western Australia and need accommodation in Perth Western Australia while you buy or build a place of your own.

Now you probably don’t know your way round the Perth suburbs yet (I am only familiar with some of them) and so you may not know what a good rental price is or if you are renting a property in a nice area.

With this knowledge in mind I would advise that you pay the extra $$$ and have a holiday rental home, appartment or hotel (cheap or exclusive depending on your budget)in Perth to begin with. True it will be much more expensive but it will be furnished accommodation and it will give you chance to check the suburbs out to find the perfect accommodation in Perth for you while you are waiting for your furniture to arrive.

The extra $$ may seem like false economy but in the long run will be less than the cost of paying rental on a house in an area you just don’t like.



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