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My passion?  Well thats easy my love of Perth

I fell in love with Perth and Western Ausralia when we honeymooned over here back in 2000.

It was not love at first site though, you see the first part of our holiday was spent travelling 1270 km North up the Western Australia coast line.

There was a lot of driving between stops and we soon learnt that everything stops when the sun sets.

Back in the UK and the plans started to apply for an Australian Visa and make the move to a new life in Perth.  It was a long process

Gareth was ready to pack his bags and move to Perth there and then. Me I was not convinced that I could move to the other side of the world without first checking the place out. Anyway we honeymooned in WA in 2000, fell in love with Perth and well the rest is (well some of it) shared with you in this website.

Now we are living in Perth I want to share with everyone what a wonderful place it is to live.

Building a website would be a great way to share my passion for Perth. I could give others information and links to services that would help them make that Aussie move to a life down under.

OK so I was going to build a website on Perth, life over here and Immigrating to Perth. Where do I start?? Well that was much easier said than done I didn’t have a clue about HTML and to pay a web designer to do it for me was going to cost me a fortune. Plus every time I wanted to add or update a page (which would be often) would be costing even more.

Well that was it the search was on for an affordable way to share all the information I have picked up during my Move to Perth. You know all the everyday stuff like Suburb info, Schools, Jobs, Buying a Home.

After much web searching and even more research about the product because it is just to good to be true I signed up for Site Build It . Now building a web site adding pages and updating my site is a cinch.


Looking back I can’t believe what a fantastic product SBI is and why people pay $1000’s to have a site built for them when it is easy to build one on your own. Plus with all the tools SBI offers you have a higher chance of getting your site right unlike some of the big commercial sites.

Why is that?. Well, the problem is that 98 percent of new web sites FAIL! And many small businesses spend thousands of dollars on flashy design, and hours and hours creating a website that is doomed to have no visitors.

To get visitors you need to deliver good information (easy to do if the site is on your hobby) or a lot of off line advertising so people know you are there.

Now if your site has good information the site will always have the visitors where as if you rely on advertising GUESS WHAT? when the advertising stops chance is so will the visitors.



If you have an idea for a web business or need a site for your existing business, but don’t know where to start, read on.

The web isn’t a magical way to become rich overnight, though there’s no shortage of people pitching it that way. But if you get it right, creating a good website can help you start or promote your own business – and that can change your life.


On the internet nothing happens by chance: it’s not like your local mall, customers don’t just walk past and come in if they see something they like or something they need. You have to attract visitors to your site and to do that you need to the right tools.

“Site-Build-It” is the tool kit I used for my site.

Many other companies offer packages of web tools, so what makes SBI different? The answer is simple – RESULTS! Check out the SBI results

and you’ll find more than 300 different SBI sites (including this one) that are in the top 3 percent of net traffic.

Then check out the ranking for this site at Alexa.com. It is in the top 1 percent of the net, which is pretty amazing to me

I couldn’t have created my site without following the step-by-step approach outlined by SBI On my own. I could never grasp all the technical knowledge one needs to know. SBI takes the stress out of building a website by doing all the technical stuff for you while leaving you to do the FUN STUFF.

I’m convinced that there isn’t another company that offers all the web tools in one package that SBI does.

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Not only that: they show you how to use them with clear, easy-to- follow instructions. And you learn how to monetize your site effectively with Google ads and affliate links. This means you can enjoy building a web site and earn money from your passion.

If you want to sell goods on line SBI has a module making it easy to set up your own internet storefront.


Working with SBI is like having your own internet coach walking you through the entire process!
“Site Build It” is the brainchild of Canadiandoctor, Ken Evoy, who became fascinated with the internet more than a decade ago.

These days, his great talent is helping small business people and individuals create websites that work. Everything I know about creating a website has come from Ken and the SBI team.

Ken and the team keep on top of the changing environment of the web, so I don’t have to. But what amazes me most is that SBI keeps improving their web service package.

This means that Site-Build-It actually gets better and keeps giving you improved tools for your business.

I can’t say that about too many other products or services I’ve purchased!


If you have checked out the Site-Build-It links above and you have questions, you can talk with or email someone who has used SBI and knows it inside out, and who would be happy to answer any questions you have. Click here to contact an SBI advisor.

If you prefer, please feel free to contact me (click on the “contact me” button for my site, and use the form there – I use it instead of an email address to avoid spam, one the many tips I learned from Ken and his SBI team).

And if you need a website for your business, but you don’t have the time do it yourself, SBI has a team of certified webmasters. who are experienced SBI users and can work with you on creating your web business.

By the way, SBI isn’t just for web newbies:if you’re an experienced webmaster, you can use SBI too (it’s fully compatible with design programs such as Front Page and Dreamweaver).

So don’t just build a WEBSITE,