4×4 in Western Australia

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Life with a 4×4 in Western Australia

Off road driving on a 4wd track in Perth is great fun and a pass time over in Western Australia which is enjoyed by many owners of a 4wd, including us. You will meet with friends on a weekend or a holiday to go have a bit of fun.

A popular place to start your 4wd track in Perth experience is about 25km north of Perth is just off the Gnangara Road, a left turn past the Ampol petrol station into the dirtbike area and follow the power lines.

You will find bikes, quads and 4wd going for a drive and play.


The 4wd experience can be fun, especially when you are allowed to get behind the wheel.

For me that was about 5 mins (Gareth hogged the wheel see) before we headed back home. Next time though I know who will have the keys.

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